The masked liberal: The left’s unfair go at “The Fair Go” website

The left’s vociferous criticism of the coalition-funded response to Get Up! is telling, as they’re criticising something they created.




As those with dilated pupils bathed in nightclub strobe will tell you, “wait for the drop.” Just in time for Saturday night, the pulsing reverb Lib banger “The Fair Go” rattled the aluminium walls, shuffled the feet of some, actioned fingers in support of the DJ, whereas others complained that the sound was only coming out of the right speaker.

The criticism of the unabashedly pro-Liberal platform has been varied, precise and logical. The general bassline thumps a “why why why why”, why does such a thing exist in the modern political realm of discourse?

Well, allow me to lower the beat and take command of the mic for a moment to yell at you.

Because the left made it happen…make some noise for the Vengaboys!

Consider The Fair Go the golem formed from the clay of biased electronic discourse. While the Coalition is well represented in the old world, newspaper, Sky News, AM Radio, what it equates to is masturbation in the bathroom mirror. It feels good, but it’s purely for your benefit; and if your leftie housemate walks in on the act, then they’re not very likely to see your point.

The nouveau electronic landscape is populated by architectural wonders that face to the left, and whenever a right-winger attempts to move into the neighbourhood, the welcome wagon features an AK47. Most recently this was evidenced by Cory Bernardi being washed away in a sea of pride emoji. It’s probably why wobbling George Christensen felt the need to throw himself into the arms of Australia’s alt-right Dingo Twitter, to be heard. Online is the left’s turf. So much so that the only openly-right, biased pieces you hear about are the most insane ones. Be it Andrew Bolt’s fatwa against Yassmin Abdel Magied, or Quadrant‘s birthday wish to blow up the ABC. The only thing the Coalition can rely on in convincing someone on the fence is a caricature. The Liberal voter who runs down the serf in a gilded carriage, and complains that the impact ruined the paintwork.

Thus, this is the next logic step. One that has been a long time coming. And I’m shocked that it took so long.

So, the name of Dr Spinbullstein’s monster is “Fair Go”. Announced bias is the bolts in the neck, the feature we immediately notice. An amalgam of esoteric headlines and a YouTube clip of “The vibe” scene in The Castle. One should clearly never play god and try to bring the two together through the lightning of think-thank dollars. Typically, most of the villagers who have responded to the comments have done so with flaming torch, burning down the lab with volcanic criticism. Maybe the general hate is because it’s so naked, or indeed, the feeling might be that those in power, those who are making mistakes, shouldn’t be allowed to push their platform further.

Or maybe the vibe is that the right should just shut the fuck up, and get out of politics.

I don’t know. But bias goes both ways. It seems however that one bias is more valid than the other. The critic more powerful than the artist. A question worth remembering in the years to come, when the Government changes, and the left pull the same move; will it be met with the same criticism? Probably not.


To put them on an even keel with the entirety of e-publications.

There’s plenty of room at the dinner table, and unless the elbows of the diner end up in your consommé, what do you care? You ordered the bisque.


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