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Expanding the Rhiannon rule: Other politicians I’d rather see banned

According to this academic in particular, Lee Rhiannon’s ban is the start of something beautiful. A break from politics is important, especially for the electorate.


Cec Poole, Adjunct Professor of Political Sciences at Rooty Hill University, comments on the vital issues that everyone else seems to have missed.

The news of Lee Rhiannon’s political suspension has caused intense interest in academic circles.

My colleagues and I have always been of the view that it’s impossible for a Greens Senators to do anything so boneheaded that the Party would suspend them. We were influenced by the fact that such a sanction has never been applied to Sarah Hanson-Young.

While Lee seems to be of a political persuasion that derives boundless joy from waving a little flag every time Kim Jong-un appears, there’s no evidence yet of her threatening Trump with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Malcolm is so desperate to retain his vote, a similar suspension could have befallen Tony. Following Malcolm’s decision to keep Tony outside the cabinet tent pissing in he would surely welcome a further degree of separation from him before he gets flooded out.

At this point, the only imminent suspension from the Labor Party would appear to be the CFMEU. If Bill Shorten persists with his aim of building a new Labor Party he’s obviously going to need the intervention of the ABCC at some stage.

The public should be vested with the power to suspend MPs who turn out to be absolute plonkers. For example, my academic think tank believes that any prime minister who leads his party to fifteen successive losses in Newspoll should be immediately suspended and sent for a period of reflection and recuperation in a political vacuum, perhaps as chair of Cricket Australia.


There are politicians who should be suspended from time to time as a kindness to the public.


Malcolm seems incapable of following Jeff Horn’s example of winning on points because he never seems to make any that anyone takes any notice of.

There are politicians like Christopher Pyne, Tanya Plibersek and Jacqui Lambie who should be suspended from time to time as a kindness to the public to give them space to regroup and refocus and hopefully cultivate a renewed enthusiasm for politics.

This new wave of politician suspensions is arguably a logical follow-up to the pioneering work done by Bronnie as Speaker. It’s entirely possible she was retained by the Greens to consult on Lee’s suspension.

Some experts are theorising that as suspensions play an even wider role in re-energising Australian politics a group of suspended politicians could come together and form a new political movement called the Suspense Party.

If it offered Lee’s policies of free health and education, Tony’s policies of free enterprise and budget surpluses and the CFMEU’s policy of a pay rise every month it would certainly comprise a combination that could keep everybody in Suspense.


Adjunct Professor Cec Poole failed on twenty occasions to get elected to parliament so he decided that the only way to influence people to listen to him was by becoming an academic. He has also consistently failed to get a gig on Q&A.

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