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About Robin Clonts

Robin is a quirky Artist YouTuber and Oil Painter. Her channel centers on presenting thorough artistic advice in a fast-paced, humorous manor with the help of skits starring her character ‘Hoodie’. When not sharing tutorials on painting, Robin’s personal work is inspired by the waves and water of her hometown in Long Island. You can learn more about Robin and her work at or

Know who you’re Youtubing: Painter Robin Clonts

Robin Clonts is an artist with a difference, through the medium of oil on lols, but she also knows that great art comes from great pain.


Hi, Robin! Your YouTube videos are fabulous! If for whatever reason you could only save three, which three would you save?

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12 Worst Mistakes Artists Make:


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TBS: Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how your channel came to be?

Robin: I grew up on the Long Island Sound in a big, friendly family. I always loved art, but never had a plan for how to make it my career, I worked in various teaching/mentoring jobs- meanwhile, I was posting art online.

Six months into my first year teaching art, I finally accepted that I wasn’t on the path I truly desired. I quit my job and started my YouTube channel on May 5, 2016. I began the channel intending to share time-lapse paintings, solely hoping I could gain exposure and increase art sales, but my channel quickly evolved into something different and YouTube became a major part of my career and life. The videos shifted to humorous and educational art content and, as a result, the channel grew. Seeing my dream career become plausible has brought me so much more confidence and happiness. I’m incredibly excited for the future and grateful for the kindness of community I’ve found through YouTube.


What do you think is the main driver to people viewing your videos daily and subscribing to your channel?

I’ve seen a couple of small online articles spotlighting my channel with the main message that they came for the art skill, but stay for the humour. That’s probably the closest to an objective answer I have to reference.


What inspires you when creating a new art piece and video?

Probably largely outside validation honestly. Part of my life is entertaining and appealing to people’s wants- whether that’s informational content or a humorous skit. I enjoy the social aspect of it- getting to know people, helping them, creating an online environment where people can feel happy. Honestly, art making on its own was too lonely for me. YouTube gave my career humour, community, variety. I get to make art, write scripts, act, edit videos, and connect with people.

On another note though, regarding painting specifically, I began working on landscapes and ocean scenes as a way to connect to my dad after he passed. He loved the water, and the outdoors in general. A lot of my quality time was spent with him in these types of scenes. They symbolically embody my dad to me so reflecting on that imagery through painting is still really important to me.


What do you have in store for further down the track?

I just finished my first year on YouTube. Everything is still new so possibilities are wide open. I’ve had a lot of audience encouragement so soon I’ll launch a Patreon, merch, prints.

Mainly, I want to continue to build a positive atmosphere, stay sensitive to the community’s needs, and open to whatever possibilities come!




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