Global Forum 2017: Meet some of the brightest minds

Before the 2017 Global Forum descends onto the streets of Sydney, we sat down with the brightest minds that the conference features to give you a peek into the minds to set the pace in the world of business.


In the lead up to the 2017 Global Forum, The Big Smoke chats to some of the industry leaders set to speak at the most influential conference in Sydney this year. Hosted by ADMA, the conference is set to discuss groundbreaking customer experience ideas you won’t hear anywhere else, ideas, case studies and approaches from the pace-setters.

Taryn Williams: CEO of The Right.Fit

TBS: What do you wish CMO’s understood about the ‘influencer’ space?

Taryn: Know what you are trying to achieve: Influencers can be engaged in so many capacities – to create content, amplify content, serve as brand ambassadors, feature in your campaign, and so much more. So to know who to engage and how to engage them effectively, you need to know what you are trying to achieve.

CMOs need to clearly identify what the objective of their campaign is, who the target audience is, what they expect from an influencer (deliverables) and then thoroughly research a range of influencers who fit the brief to ensure that they actually do.

Questions they can ask themselves when deciding on which influencers they want for their campaigns include:

Is it a branding exercise to get more people to know about your company?

Is it a specific call to action to drives sales of a particular product?

Is it to create visual content?

Get really clear about what you are trying to achieve first.


Influencer marketing is only successful if you know your audience and how to speak to them.


The most successful influencer campaigns come about when the brand and influencer are both clear on the strategy of the campaign, and what success looks like and then work closely together on executing it. To do this, you need to create a clear, comprehensive brief outlining the strategy, your audience, the brand values and ethos, any relevant copy and CTA, mood boards, etc. The more information you can empower your influencer with, the better they can understand your requirements, and the more likely you are to achieve success together. Make sure you are aligned on what success looks like (is it a number of likes? Is it sales? Is it website traffic? Is it positive brand sentiment?) and make sure your campaign is adding value to the influencer’s audience.

Influencer marketing is only successful if you know your audience and how to speak to them. Engaging the right influencer really comes down to knowing your audience and knowing who will resonate with them, who is relevant, and who can speak with authenticity and authority in your space. If you are a fashion brand targeting female millennials, the type of influencer you are looking to engage will be very different to if you are a B2B SAAS platform looking to reach key decision makers in a finance role. Get really clear about who your audience is, what channels play to your brand and strategy strengths, and how to communicate with them.


TBS: In your experience, what is the best way to measure ROI for an influencer campaign?

Taryn: It really depends on the previous three points and the campaign objectives put in place by the brand.

Some people will be targeting awareness; others will be targeting likes, engagement on posts, sign ups or product sales.

If the objectives are clearly set from the outset then the ROI should be easier to measure based on whether those objectives were achieved.

TBS: How crucial is it that conferences like the ADMA Global Forum exist, for those in digital?

Taryn: It’s incredibly important. Over the past 3-4 years, the mobile web has impacted the digital landscape significantly and consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices, researching, learning and purchasing.

Having a place to come and share knowledge, learn about the latest tools, and constantly be upskilling is crucial. ADMA is a chance for expert local and global minds to come together and provide a wealth of first-hand experience in a structured, easy to access format.

The fastest way to go backwards is to stand still, right?

Nick Bell, Founder of WME Group & Co-Founder of Appscore

TBS: In your experience, what has been the most misunderstood aspect of data insights for CMO’s?

Nick: CMO’s usually have an eye for detail and they’re generally very strong in the creative space, however these days that’s not enough. They need broader business skills that include the ability to analyse data that converts insights into solutions that customers want.

TBS: How best would you describe the first question any company should ask themselves when approaching their digital strategy?

Nick: What is your brands overall purpose and what outcome would you like to obtain from your digital strategy. Some companies may use it as a brand building exercise, others as a data collection strategy.

TBS: What is the biggest mistake brands make when approaching their digital marketing strategies?

Nick: They start with a huge, fat budget, roll out multiple strategies in one go, neglect to test and analyse different channels to identify which ones have the best ROI. Before you know it, the budget is blown and they’ve seen a poor ROI due to poor management. Start slow, test and analyse and build up gradually.



 This article will be updated with more speakers soon, so please check back often and also register for the Global Forum Conference 2017 today!

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