While you were asleep: Terrorism dropped in 2016, Trump does something, Milan bans the selfie stick

Thursday. The foreplay to the weekend proper. Phwoar. Newswise, there’s truth bombs afoot, as it turns out Terrorism had a bad year in 2016, Donald Trump did something and Milan banned the selfie stick. Forza.


US State Department reveals that the number of Terrorist attacks (and victims) actually dropped in 2016.

Here’s a turn up for the books. 2016, as we all remember, was a year of death. Be it from natural causes, the Cincinnati Zoo or the hands of organised terrorism. However, according to the US State Department, the number of attacks actually dropped from 2015 by 9 percent, and the fatalities caused by aforementioned attacks was reduced by 15 percent. Which seems odd. In a Calendar year where we had Paris and Beirut. In fact, according to the report, attacks took place in 104 countries in 2016, but the majority occurred in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and the Philippines.



So, perhaps we should gaze at organised terror with clear eyes. Perhaps it is our reaction to these attacks that makes them seem larger than they are. Fear, of course, is a major part of the tactic of Terrorism, and I’m not saying to not be alarmed, or alert, but perhaps we shouldn’t be so hasty to weaponise chat boxes, and paint our profile pictures in the colours of flags, because that may indeed embolden the spread of the virus. Just sayin’


Trump does something, reverses course in Syria, media claim it’s a gift for boyfie Vlad.

Yesterday, Trump vaguely promised to do something at some point. We laughed because it deserved such a response. Well, he’s certainly done something, reversing the Obama-era CIA plan to covertly arm anti-Assad rebels in the Syrian conflict. Which, yes, apparently that proxy war rolls on. War economy ftw. If you need a quick refresher on who’s in bed with who, have a gander below:

However, despite it seemingly being a positive move for all involved, because Russia benefits the most, the early scuttlebutt from the media in Washington is a capitulation to Putin, and Trump’s foreign policy going the full Costanza, in doing the complete opposite (of Obama), just to do the opposite.


Well, possibly. But he did something. That’s something, right?


Milan exudes classic 2014 retro kitsch, banning the selfie stick in public places.

Milan is a city of fashion, and seemingly now a hub for unfashionable decisions. Unfashionable, because it’s many years too late. The great city to the north has acted, banning the wretched duo of Selfie Sticks and Street Food from walking her cobblestone boulevards, all in an effort to curb ‘antisocial behaviour’. This ban also includes the holding, disposing or possession of glass bottles and cans on the streets Piazza XXIV Maggio, Gorizia Avenue, Via Codara, Cantore Square and Gabriele D’Annunzio Avenue; which I’ll admit I just wanted to spell out the names. Bene.

Staying in Milan, and while researching this piece, Torino striker Andrea Belotti seems to be heading to the Rossoneri (which, incidentally is the only club in the city), as reported by Gianluca DiMarzio from Sky Sports. Belotti would represent the tenth signing in a frankly ridiculous transfer splurge which most notably saw the poaching of Leonardo Bonucci from Juve, but more importantly, keeping young keeper Gigi Donnarumma away from the oil money of Paris (which the billions of the Chinese)

Forza Milan.



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