While you were asleep: Israel irks Palestine, Poland’s nanny state and Bernard Tomic v. The nation of Australia

Christ. Monday morning. Again. Over night, Israel and Palestine lurched further toward conflict, Poland took to the streets, and Bernard Tomic irked the nation once more.


Peace between Israel and Palestine at risk after the placement of metal detectors at a mosque.

Even those with the most basic grasp of the Israel/Palestine schism (like yours truly) knows that lasting peace is a wobbling tower of Jenga, a structure that will only stand until the drunken housemate of violence returns home to knock it over, because it wants the attention, and doesn’t care for peace, and wants to keep drinking.


The point that I’m trying to make is that in such a sensitive situation, small things quickly become catastrophic. The latest spanner in the works takes the form of a metal detector at the Al Aqsa Mosque. A site where two Israeli policemen were killed, but on the Palestinian side, it looks like Israel interfering with a Muslim holy site. In fact, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas announced he was freezing ties with Israel on “all levels” until the metal detectors are removed, which also means their joint effort in the West Bank. In response to that comment, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that the joint security effort was more beneficial to the Palestinians, the subtext being that the detectors shall stay. That being said, the Israelis are open to alternative measures, so long as it “prevents the next attack”.


Poles take to streets to combat changes to make their government judge, jury and executioner.

In Warsaw, many have taken to the streets to protest a piece of legislation that has a complete lack of fucks to give regarding transparency. Simply put, the Polish supreme court now falls under government control. Which is important, because nothing is new and everybody copies everyone. Now, I’m unsure how corrupt the current government is, as they’re problems don’t make headlines, but the whole fox investigating the chicken coop’ thinking espoused in this bill is a scary thought if adopted elsewhere.


Quick hypothetical. If we roll up these changes, then if someone actions a case in our highest legal arm, on say, Manus Island, Mal could get whoever he chooses to rule over the case. All rise, Judge Dutton presiding. Yowza.


Bernie Tomic: The little engine that could…annoy an entire nation.

Oh, Bernard Tomic. The nation turns its weary eyes to you…to extend an exhausted middle finger. Last night, in conversation with Melissa Doyle, we spent the last of our weekend with Bernie, a fact that seemed to irk many of us.


You know what? Expending all this effort to hate someone, whether on the basis of him squandering the talent we wish we had, or subtle racism, or a personal dislike, is a fuck sight more entertaining than actually watching the tennis. Which, and let’s be honest here, the months after the cricket finishes are desolate indeed. It’s an unpopular opinion, but I believe this to be the golden age of Tennis in this country. The general public has a vested interest in those two problem man-children. Whether they succeed or fail, we’ll have a comment for it. Their perceived shenanigans has left no-one on the fence. We, as a nation love a story of redemption as much as forever sledging a forever antagonist. Look at Eddie McGuire.

I mean who wants to go back to a watching an extremely nice man-cum-underwear model disappoint, or labour through seven hours of a 35-year-old wearing his hat backwards and talking to his hand. Come on.


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