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A crucial part of building your brand is choosing the right people. Thanks to our partners at, the right people are grouped in one place.



Within the Australian marketing sphere, very few tactics have caused excitement quite like the concept of Influencer advertising. Done well, it is the idea that powerful content; coupled with seemingly organic distribution by digital natives has been recognized as a truly valuable and ROI driven way of getting your brand in front of the right audience. Influencer marketing at its very core taps into the democratisation of talent while creating an opportunity to achieve broader campaign awareness.

However, for many brands, the concept of launching a strong campaign has become complicated, costly and time-consuming. Consider you have secured the influencer of your dreams, you still will require all the components to ensure your concept comes to life – from the Hair and makeup artists to the videographers, it takes multiple moving parts to execute well. Finding, let alone dealing with talent, can be a convoluted process and then having to manage the entire process and manage outcomes meant only one thing – the industry was ripe for disruption.


Enter, the Uber of the creative talent industry.

Founded in 2016 by one of Australia’s most prolific entrepreneurs in the tech start-up and media industry, Taryn Williams, the influencer and talent platform has proven to be a game changer.

The site has already been a compelling component to some of the most impactful campaigns witnessed over the past 12 months and is now used by major advertising agencies and brands to find the best and brightest talent for their jobs. Brands using the platform include Veuve Cliquot, Toyota, Menulog, LG and AAMI Insurance. The site has truly disrupted the way traditional business is done to secure top tier talent in photography, modelling, makeup artistry, acting and social media influencers. Embracing technology to provide a streamlined, all in one experience, the platform provides empowering value to both sides of the transaction, a rarity for most disrupters.

With 84% of marketers planning on launching an influencer campaign in the next 12 months, the need for the process to be streamlined was at a high. A huge gap for marketers is finding that perfect match with talent that truly will resonate with their target audience. platform allows marketers to connect with over 6,500 fully screened talents to suit all budgets – regardless of if you are shooting a TV commercial or executing product launches. The platform enables the entire process from the job listing, booking right down to paying; and just as the review option for Uber provides confidence to all users,’s review system creates a transparent and results driven ecosystem.

Considering that influencer marketing beat organic search, paid search and email marketing in 2017 when it came to ROI for a campaign; getting the right fit is the ultimate imperative. The ability to create authentic brand advocacy opportunity is powerful and speaks to the current digital climate – overcoming the barrier of ad blockers and ineffective messaging. By hand selecting the right talent based on strategic outcomes within their budget, brands are able to take back control of their campaigns and ensure confidence in their strategy. The hassle free process of booking on demand in an environment where top tier talent costs a whole lot less puts brands back in the driver’s seat.


Speaking again to the democratisation of influence, the platform also empowers talent to be profiled for jobs that position them best regardless of the size of their following or the longevity of their career.  The platforms facilitation of matching talent with the right brand, means individuals are chosen based on what they can bring to the campaign and are assured payment without the demoralising task of chasing an unpaid invoice. This alone is a compelling premise for any talent, with the added bonus of building their reputation and frequency of jobs over time.

A platform that can solve the headache of what has historically been a time consuming and costly initiative, embraces technology to simply match talent with brands trying to get cut through. The one size talent marketplace that fits all ensures that every component becomes available on demand. From dancers to stylists to social media influencers; the platform is a true representation of all facets required for a successful creative campaign.


“We were completely amazed at how simple it was for us to sign up, post a job and book influencers to post in our lingerie. NO COST to reach 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE is completely unheard of. We are beyond impressed. We can’t wait to do our next collaboration. The platform is really great!”

– Online Marketing Manager, Bras N Things

Finding great Talent shouldn’t be so hard. Hand-picked and ready – create your free account with today!

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