I recently decided to go the full Sigrid Thornton and trade the big city for a small town. It’s great. Really. No complaints. Not one. Nope. Help.



Because I can’t face the realities of my life, I’ve decided to trade in the hustling relevance and grating apathy of the city for an idyllic backwater town. A place where people are nice, the smiles are free and nothing at all is hard to procure, travel around or be seen in. I’ve not doubted my move for a second. Nope. It’s primarily why I made this video. That and to build a tall wall of denial, tall enough so that skittering cockroach called reality cannot scale.


Things people from small towns don't say

If you've lived in a small town chances are you haven't said any of this….

Posted by Sam Blacker on Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sam Blacker understands. But, don’t mistake that for an endorsement of your faults, or to enable a date. Seriously, don’t. As one of the middle children of history, he’ll be regularly releasing “life hacks” for those who have given up on life. Because he’s a sadist. And he’s stuck here in perpetuity for a crime he’s committed in a past life.

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