Auror: Getting the drop on shoplifting

The skyrocketing cost of shoplifting is felt by consumers and retailers alike. But thanks to our partners at Auror, their pioneering method will see your profit as the only thing being lifted.



Any time you go shopping at a branch of a supermarket or hardware chain there’s a good chance someone alongside you is shoplifting.

Store security teams rarely go a day without catching someone in the act. Shoplifting has become a major epidemic seemingly without cure, costing Australian retailers more than $7 million every day.

It is the cause not only of significant losses for retail chains but also of considerable expense in trying to prevent it. And it can be the catalyst for aggressive confrontations or incidents in store which are disruptive, unpleasant and unsafe for customers and staff alike.

Retail chains mark up their merchandise to offset the impact of crime on their bottom line, and that results in Australian households paying on average an estimated $290 extra per year. It should also be a cause for concern that much of the offending in retail stores is driven by organised crime.

Police simply don’t have the resources to give shoplifting the attention it merits and the strong measures taken by the retail chains themselves have slowed but not curtailed rising crime rates.


Auror stops crime through better information, intelligence and collaboration between retailers and police.


Thankfully Auror has developed an online software platform with proven power to stop crime in stores. It is a state-of-the-art crime prevention system.

Auror stops crime through better information, intelligence and collaboration between retailers and police.

It facilitates a linked online network comprising retail stores, their internal security force, the police plus outside security services. Anyone with access to the Auror platform can report details of a crime in just a few minutes.

The Auror platform identifies offenders by allowing police and retailers to collaborate without causing privacy issues. Branches of retail chains are thus fully briefed on crime in their area and the offenders responsible for it. This enables them to take effective anti-shoplifting action by through increased vigilance and denying potential perpetrators access to their stores.

Retailers, branch management, the police and security services are all linked through the Auror platform, forming a powerful force against crime. Offenders soon get the message that the branches of some retail chains are shoplifting no-go zones.

Auror is the solution that retail organisations have been hoping for. It creates an alliance of forces with the power to stop shoplifting.

Customers benefit from reduced upward pressure on pricing, greater protection from crime and a safer community.

The police recognise Auror’s potential to complement their increasing emphasis on crime prevention and help them become more effective against crime in retail stores without committing extra time and resources.

Senior retail management appreciates how the Auror platform can help contribute to higher management standards – particularly in the case management of crime in their branches.

Visit Auror to learn more about the platform’s potential to rob shoplifting of a future and provide further links to engage in direct discussions.

Auror not only has the power to curtail shoplifting but also to promote profit-lifting instead. Read more interesting content from our partners at Auror:

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