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Mobilia Group: Adding true wealth to a royal home

We’ve all sat in amazing homes with dreadful interior designs. Fortunately, the Property Styling Sisters from Mobilia Group are changing the game.



I remember visiting a friend who lived in a large property sitting on 1.25 hectares of land in Terry Hills, specifically remembering the excitement I felt when our car would start to approach their home. The gardens were filled with handcrafted sculptures with a chateau feel, and handcrafted iron gates.

The ambience was elegant, yet accessible, as though it was absolutely natural to walk barefoot across a property that would cost me $6,500,000.  It was exciting and all consuming to me to feel such wealth…outside. Entering the home, while spacious and huge the feeling was somewhat gentrified. It was as though, in 1965 someone placed furniture around for functionality and then as their family wealth grew it didn’t occur to them to upgrade their interiors. The wall paper was adorned with tropical birds, which represented a bygone era aesthetically that no one wants to replicate for their home. Ironically, the disconnect between the family and their interiors ended up costing the family money. By 2012, the parents were ready to downsize and did not want to put any funds into updating the interior of the property.


While one’s home is a haven, it is often at the mercy of the individual’s personal taste.


The property sat on the market for around 18 months with very little interest. Many buyers inspected the property with interest – until they entered the property. It was far too high an asking price to validate a complete redesign internally. This became almost a dark cloud for my friend’s parents, yet they still rejected the notion that styling the property for purchase was a worthwhile investment. Eventually, the property was taken off the market, and the family remained in the property however so much money had been wasted on that detour it caused me to recognise what it took for a successful sale.

While one’s home is a haven, it is often at the mercy of the individual’s personal taste. Often those who do recognise a home requires styling or staging, hire the expertise of suppliers who potentially completely depersonalise the home. Making a property commercial does not allow buyers to have a glimpse into their future possible lifestyle.



Staging a property well and done in a way that hides flaws, modernises the property and adds depth to the aesthetics of the property; allows potential buyers to visualize their own cohesive look of the home and heighten the probability of a sale. Many savvy real estate agents understand this well, but property owners looking to move on from a home can provide barriers by not recognising their target demographics, and how the visuals of the property will assist in selling the property faster and at a higher price. In reality, the staging element of a property should be seen as a core part of the overall marketing just as the digital and offline call to actions. This is increasingly more important at the higher end of the property market, where investors are not as bound by budgetary or mortgage restrictions – but rather the lifestyle the property promises to produce.

Anita Eddine and Vanessa Saab, founders of Mobilia Group, created the Royal Series to meet this demand in the market. By creating packages within the series, MobiliaGroup are able to streamline the entire process for buyers both local and global by providing the entire solution for multi-million dollar properties that require sellers to think competitively. A home that articulates visually the lifestyle that accompanies the price tag, positions itself uniquely in a buzzing market where no home can afford to less than royal.




Contact Mobilia Group now for more information about the game-changing Royal Series.

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