Islamic State claim responsibility for Barcelona terror attack

Violence again has met the streets of continental Europe, as Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the van attack that killed 13 people in Barcelona.



It seems again that we stand at the beginning of a bloody, bitterly typical cycle, as yet another interchangeable faceless individual has enacted what we’ve come to recognise as terrorism in the modern canon. A large vehicle powered by Islamic State has mounted the footpath in a metropolitan centre, in order to punctuate their fleeting point.



While their infrastructure is being rent asunder on their home turf,  it seems that their bent ideals still have the power to damage ours. Sadly, we now have another name to shake our heads at, another location to skyscrape the vista of recent terrorism, as our hopes and prayers kept in the warmth of template hashtags attempt to repair the damage caused.



As for what we do know at this early stage, is that at least 12 lay dead on the street of Las Ramblas, a popular tourist destination in Barcelona, with anywhere up to 100 surviving the bloody stained tableau. According to Reuters, Carles Puigdemont, the head of the Catalonia region,  claimed that two suspects were in custody. However, he could not confirm the exact number of the antagonists involved.

Other reports claim that one of the suspects was later shot dead by the constabulary, but whether that individual was linked to the attack has yet to be confirmed.

Islamic State’s own warbling mouthpiece, Amaq has magnified their caustic squeals of delight, with IS gleefully taking authorship of the tall headlines that have carved themselves long into the swelling ambitious hope that the pursuit of Islamic State would dam the viscera running freely in our streets.



Sadly, It seems not.


This piece will be updated as more information comes to pass.

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