While you were asleep: Barcelona’s Australian victim, Jerry Lewis passes, Eclipsers waste lives waiting

No better way to put this, but it’s death for breakfast. The boy who was missing after Barcelona was confirmed dead, we lost legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis, and some in the US lost their minds.



Australian boy Julian Cadman, missing after the Barcelona attacks, sadly confirmed dead.

Despite the marching boot of modern day Terrorism, seldom are our worst fears realised. Sadly, this morning flays us with the whip of inclusion as the attack in Barcelona became a very personal affair, as the missing Australian boy, Julian Cadman, was confirmed dead overnight.

And while we might rightly shake our fists and four letter words at those who enabled such acts this morning, and before the politicking begins in earnest, the spotlight must swing to the prostrate parents, attempting to articulate the caustic loss they’re surely feeling this morning.


As for the rest of us, Julain was the boy we didn’t know, but surely didn’t deserve the sliver of life he was afforded. Rest easy, Julian.


Legendary entertainer Jerry Lewis passes, leaves us with questions. Why?!

On the other side of that mortal coin, the man who everyone thought was dead prior to his notoriously cantankerous interview last year, Jerry Lewis, has relocated to the great chem lab in the sky. Lewis was a remnant of the 1950’s idealism that America keeps an increasingly misty eye on, a man who aped Dr Jeykll and Mr Hyde, and lived long enough to see his parody parodied. However, while Lewis made America laugh, he personally harboured avarice toward. forever fighting against the schmucky character that he made, and in turn, made him. Later in life, he attempted to subvert this, ostensibly playing himself in The King of Comedy, an evening television host kidnapped by a spectacularly bent (and spectacularly awful) stand up comic.

Famously, the man helmed The Day the Clown Cried, a movie made extremely famous by Jerry’s insistence that it would never be released in its entirety, and through that, grand assumptions of the quality and content have been made to fill in the gaps. That being said, a Holocaust movie where a clown inadvertently leads children into a gas chamber probably should remain unseen. As for what his legacy means to modern day sensibilities, it’s hard to figure. It might end up being the complete lack of fucks he had to donate to the vapid world of plastic Hollywood interviews, and perhaps for that, it might give him closure, as he cut us off first. Vale.


Punters line streets to catch glimpse of glasses to catch glimpse of eclipse.

The prefix ‘…the hottest item of (insert date)’ sounds the flugelhorn of abject doom. Upon the sound creeping underneath your door, seek the refuge of the back window, fleeing down the street, skin pot-purri-ed with broken wood and glass. That would be the preferable outcome, instead of welcoming this newsworthy toad poisoning the water supply. Simply put, those who want to stare at the sun, and look cool while doing it, are for some reason, unable to do so.

The image above states the problem clearly. People are literally lining the footpaths, with folding chairs in tow, displaying the seriousness of their intention to purchase. This might just be me, but I’ve never waited out the front of anywhere for anything. I mean, I like nice things, but as a trade off for the hours I won’t get back, hours that I can spend asleep – no, thank you.

Fortunately, they’re not just, you know, cheap pieces of cardboard.



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