While you were asleep: Charlottesville video leaked, Houston’s flood rises, three year old shoots herself in Sydney

Happy Monday. We’ve had yet more moving brutality from Charlottesville, the rising floodwaters in Houston, and the news that a three-year-old shot herself in Sydney. The horror.



Video from Charlottesville emerges, depicts white firing gun at black.

Charlottesville is the herpes scar on the lip of American experience. It just won’t go away. Nor should it, as yet more galling footage has found the light of day this morning, which clearly shows a white nationalist spouting off racial epithets, before swinging his handgun off his hip and firing at the feet of a black protestor.


What makes the imagery rather sobering, was the obvious development of the thought process. As you can see, he aimed for the head, paused, then chambered a round. So, while you could argue that it probably was not going to be cold blooded murder, he still decided to fire that shot. Or you could also argue that the man he shot at was wielding a flamethrower; whatever. Sides of the argument.


The takeaway point is the reaction of the crowd. The complicit support, evidenced by the wally with the brolly at the tail of the video. It was a shot fired into a body of people, and apparently, that was mostly fine. And that should be argument moving forward.


Hurricane Harvey toll rises to five, Trump’s tweet raises pulses.

Speaking of caustic clusterfucks, the rising waters in Houston continue to do the same with the mortal cost, as the body count is now 5. The wake of Hurricane Harvey has left introduced a frankly ridiculous level of flooding, bringing the charm of Venice to the south, sans the romance.


The Presidential response to this, well, it’s sort of confusing, and easily twisted to whichever way fits your narrative. While he’s shown support, he’s also let other things divide his attention. Which, sounds logical. After all the Presidential tradition of ignoring a Hurricane in the South in fast becoming gospel. Stay safe.


Three-year-old dies of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Western Sydney.

To complete the unfortunate Monday trinity of morning awful, welcome to the news that a three-year old has died after being shot in the neck in Western Sydney. Earlier reports placed the girl at six years old, but the latest reports as of this morning have confirmed her age, and seemingly, the fact that she pulled the trigger herself.


Police are now speaking to her family. As for the rest of us, try and have a good Monday, yeah?


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