Believe it or not, the end of Game of Thrones is upon us. Some people doubt it, despite the massed evidence that proves otherwise. So are you a denier?



Make no mistake, Winter is finally upon us. Whether you believe it to be true, is entirely up to you, you tinfoil hat wearing loon, you. That being said, denial is more than a ribbon of water that winds its way through Egypt (or the GoT equivalent), it’s a lifestyle. So, I completely understand your beliefs, even if I think they make no sense. So, refute me if you must, but substantial peer-reviewed data exists that proves that Game of Thrones will soon melt, and cover our lounge room floor with a rising tide of salt-watery tears. Soz.



Sam Blacker understands. But, don’t mistake that for an endorsement of your faults, or to enable a date. Seriously, don’t. As one of the middle children of history, he’ll be regularly releasing “life hacks” for those who have given up on life. Because he’s a sadist. And he’s stuck here in perpetuity for a crime he’s committed in a past life.

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