The fitness world often comes with stigma attached. It seems we need to be already fit to join a gym. Thanks to our partners at Planet Fitness, they nurture an environment free of judgement.



The funny thing about fitness is that while there is universal appreciation of the huge difference it can make to quality of life, only a minority pursue it seriously.

Some claim they haven’t got time, some are content with being unfit, some are intimidated by the notion of entering a gym, some think it’s just for ninjas and gym junkies while others believe that exercise is just not their thing.

But somewhere deep within us all lurks the unshakeable truth that actually we’d be a lot better off if we were fitter.

And when that unshakeable truth can no longer be denied the best place to go is Planet Fitness because they will make no judgement on why you have taken so long to arrive and why you are not as fit as you should be. They will immediately welcome you as a member of the family.

Planet Fitness is a chain of health clubs with a big difference. It is not a place lit up with lycra where gym junkies rule. Rather it’s a place where anyone can aspire to fitness goals free from pressure or discomfort.

It is a judgement free zone.

Even if you wear 1950’s gear, struggle to run, and believe that bottle-shops are the only place to acquire a six-pack, you will never face judgement day at Planet Fitness. That’s not to imply their fitness programmes are a walk in the park, but neither are they an extreme sport. They are simply designed as an enjoyable way to make you fitter.

It matters not whether you want to lose weight, impress the girl or man of your dreams, look good on the beach or stop being a couch potato it only matters that you’ve decided it’s time to acquire some incremental feelgood factor.

Fitness derives from the right nutrition and lifestyle choices, in addition, to exercise so Planet Fitness offers expertise in diet and living as well as exercise regimes.

One of the key ways that Planet fitness has achieved its image of leadership in the fitness industry is through the adoption of state-of-the-art technology to maximise the benefits it delivers to clients. Wearables, smartphones and apps have transformed their operations by providing a communication structure which constantly interfaces with members on tracking personal progress and giving nutritional advice as well as facilitating an ongoing dialogue with trainers.

The role of Planet Fitness trainers is critical to their success. They are charged not only with achieving successful outcomes to fitness programmes but also with ensuring that members enjoy the journey and feel part of the family. They all share a passion for making a difference to members’ lives.

Planet Fitness health clubs are located at Lambton, Charlestown and Belmont in the Newcastle area, at Gosford and at Casula in Western Sydney. And if there isn’t one convenient for you there may well be soon. Contact any one of them to speak to the most approachable, non-intimidating people in the business about a free seven-day trial.

Dallas Rosekelly the Director of Planet Fitness claims that ‘anyone from anywhere can walk in and feel comfortable’ in any one of his health clubs.

And you can rest assured that the only person in the Planet Fitness environment who will ever pass judgement on you is you.



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