In retail, while the focus remains on the store, less is known about the individual consumer. Thanks to our partners at Invigor, knowledge is definitely power.



Research shows that deep within the heart of every retailer burns a desire to get closer to their customers. The trouble is retailers often invest so much in creating convenience, low prices and attractive store environments that there’s little left over to spend on gaining an in-depth understanding of their customers and using it to engage with them individually. Yet crucially, these insights and the ability to act on them in real time is what will truly ensure retailers sustain and compete effectively.

That’s why the solutions from Invigor Group are exciting so much interest and equipping Australian retailers to truly compete against the onslaught of players such as Amazon. They offer the benefits of a new dimension in retail data solutions and personal customer engagement at a price which makes them an eminently affordable investment.

The old adage that knowledge is power is no less valid today. This leap forward in retail data and communication gives more power to retailers, customers and brand marketers through its capacity to supply all three with information or data that makes a real difference.

You can learn more about the disruptive products Invigor brings to market through this infographic and by booking a free demonstration of their breakthrough technology. You’ll soon appreciate the benefits of going beyond first name terms with your customers.






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