‘No’ voters take to social media to blame ‘Yes’ voters for vandalism spree

After a wave of anti-equality vandalism washed over Sydney streets, a collection of ‘No’ voters took to social media to place the blame in the opposite camp.



The morning after Macklemore fired an empathetic verbal middle finger to inequality, the response of the opposition made itself known. Through the medium of spray paint, one individual explained to the streets of Sydney which way he/she/it voted, and indeed how much stock they placed in the importance of an equal love.


Source: Facebook


We could focus on the rampant acts of vandalism, or the severe lack of fucks whoever it was had for equality, but, like most acts, the true interest lies in the reaction to it. In fact, you could say that this spree is the genesis of American-style graffiti, as the language that described the assailant quickly dipped to familiar tones.

On social media, the reported unquestionable act is up for debate. However, the issue is not with what was sprayed, but rather who sprayed it. The below images, gleaned from Facebook, illustrate the shifting landscape of the discussion at large, and indeed our quick march to the post-truth bull-twang mode of discourse currently lobotomising America.


Source: Facebook


‘Standard work from the left’. Please. That comment clearly articulates the standard work from the right, carved with that holier-than-thou attitude. They couldn’t have possibly committed the crime, because there was nothing to be gained by doing it. They’re the good guys. They’re backed by the Church, so the masses that descend upon it are the opposite. Everything is fine just the way it is, you’re the ones making trouble, Adam and Steve.

The other side of the issue is evident the first comment below, as it seems the screaming eagle of Red, White and Blue paranoia has flown south for the summer. A trifecta made in a leap of logic so vast, one can only hope that his feet did not clear the Tasman. Replete with English popularised by the Nazis, and hashtag trademarked by the man elected on the backs of American white power, it seems that the truth is now what we make it. Clearly the lack of proof, is the proof. Save for a neat black-and-white Scooby-Doo ending, where the spraypainted ghoul is unmasked, and immediately confesses his crimes, we can seemingly fill in the blanks.

Source: Facebook


Yes, you could reconcile the fact that a handful of paranoid/ignorant types on Facebook a majority does not make, but it’s interesting to see how far we’ve become, not just castigating the other, but also how willing we are to shift blame onto their shoulders. Clearly the cabal above have twisted facts to suit their narrative. A long-dead philosopher once stated that we were our actions. If that is truly the case, then those above are entirely fiction, and entirely full of shit.


Source: Facebook


The oft repeated reason why a Yes turns into a No is because the level of discourse on the Yes side is too ill-informed, too aggressive and too partisan to tolerate discussion. Say what you like, we do have that freedom of speech that allows it, but I don’t see an open palm of discussion emanating from that side of the fence. Wake up to yourselves, idiots. If the American example has taught us anything, it’s that eventually enough of the bullshit above puts morons in charge.

You could argue that the ‘Yes’ campaign has its own cross to bear, in the man who headbutted Tony Abbott. We can accept that one of ours did it, or alternatively, we can assume that the man was actually on Abbott’s payroll, and the headbutt was a false flag operation to smear the Yes campaign, promoted by the lugenpresse of mainstream media, entirely absolving us of the responsibility, because #fakenews.

Yeah, nah.


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