While you were asleep: Trump holds moronic grudge, Weinstein scrubbed from history, Rick & Morty fans throw tanty

There’s a theme that links all these pieces together. See if you can spot it. Donald Trump continues to stew over the ‘moron’ comment, Harvey Weinstein was terminated and Rick & Morty fans acted their age.



Donald goes the full-adult, and holds onto a grudge. Moron.

You know, I’m certain that Donald Trump doesn’t get his due. He is an icon and a role model. Especially to the difficult adults of tomorrow; those who will one day request to see the manager, yell to stop a party to return someone’s phone or hold up the end of a university lecture with a question, which is actually a statement regarding the love of their own voice. Douchebags, all.

To those people, Trump is an example to follow. As he continually proves to the world that if someone says something, even if they didn’t, then the world is on notice, and we should halt all spinning of thy axis, for that person over there said a nasty thing to me one time.


Salut, Donald.






Harvey Weinstein to be scrubbed from history, unclear if he’ll have to do the same to the walls he sullied.

As someone with no friends, I do love an esoteric literary/history reference that I can giggle at, while simultaneously turning around to find that no-one else claps with me. I’m so alone. Overnight, Harvey Weinstein became an unperson, as the company that bore his name has filed for divorce, looking to find itself, moving on from being a Weinstein, looking to get its own name back for the very first time.


Moreover, Weinstein’s name will be struck from all future productions, which, amazingly makes the upcoming series of Project Runway historic indeed. From there, he will also be scrubbed retroactively from Hollywood history. All that we need now is a very public admission of his crimes, before his very public execution.

Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you, you sold me.



Fans of Rick & Morty lose mind about their inability to procure sauce, throw tantrum at McDonald’s.

As a massive fan of Rick & Morty, I do as many adults now do, and hide it. Primarily because the fanbase are, to use the current parlance, screaming neckbeards. Rick Sanchez’s pointless pursuit of a long-defunct McDonalds condiment in Season 2 was once a hilarious thing, where the great bent mind of Rick got himself thrown in jail merely to attain it. However, if you want to split hairs, the Szechuan sauce is a symbol of his nihilism, a metaphor for the pointlessness of existence. He wants the sauce, because we’re all doomed as a species. He doesn’t want to eat it.

However, missing from the real-life equation is clearly the one semester of basic philosophy I undertook, as now that McDonald’s has made the long-dead sauce available, the fanboys have lost their minds. And I mean, a Jonestown level of insanity, as they all desperately fought each other to sup the spicy kool-aid.



It’s a condiment, you morons.

However, in response, and perhaps when the adrenalin subsided, people took to the kitchen to create their own, because of course.


Wubbalubbadubdub, indeed.




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