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School shouldn’t be out for digital professionals

As the digital landscape shifts so quickly, only a fool would think they know enough. Thanks to our partners at ADMA, school doesn’t have to be out.



In a world that is constantly evolving, the need for continual learning and deployment of new skills are imperative for companies and marketers to not only keep up to date with the unprecedented changes to digital, but to also remain competitive. A company’s commitment to the ongoing education of their staff means that they cannot assume that a sporadic approach to education will suffice, but recognise the value of integrating ongoing educational opportunities and commit to assisting with workloads to facilitate this education process.

Marketers and companies who adopt a learning mindset are able to not only react to the ever-changing digital climate, but also understand how best to utilise available data to make more informed decisions.

Such a commitment yields real-life impact that has immense value to marketers and companies alike, turning educational investment into a competitive advantage. Tracey Hamilton is currently a marketing consultant working with major national brands, and recently took time to pursue her ongoing education by taking an IQ course through the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising. Tracey comments “The course helped build my skills in Digital Marketing and because of my digital experience, I was able to secure a new contract easily.

A strong grasp of knowledge in an ever-changing climate is crucial to the confidence of companies and individuals, and a commitment to maintaining that grasp allows workers like Tracey to secure valuable roles. Understanding why it is vitally important for companies to commit to the ongoing education of their staff can be broken down into four reasons.


Understanding data and its place in an organisation is a non- negotiable

The tool sets accumulated can seem formidable, but they will help direct the organisation’s growth, provide insights and improve processes that will ensure the right strategies are executed. Tracey adds “The most valuable insight I gained from my course was how rapidly the digital market/channels/strategies are changing. From changes in Facebook algorithms to the almost irrelevant of traditional banner advertising.” However, it remains that this is not a one-off learning proposition; data is consistently evolving, as should the organisation’s comprehension and utilisation of it.


Gaining a better understanding of how digital can disrupt industry

Education provides knowledge and insights that can challenge the status quo and offer something much more granular to see impactful shifts. Grasping the power of how digital can disrupt your industry and can transform the industry value train, patterns of demand, competitive pressures and ensure understanding that your strategies are targeting the right customers.


Develop compelling value

A robust digital toolset is not a luxury, but a fundamental need for businesses. Marketers and companies must tap into and apprehend digital to develop compelling value propositions. Doing so will allow them to underpin data as an opportunity to accurately summarise and convince consumers to engage with their product or service.


Build key resources

Marketers and companies can only execute on digital strategies effectively by aligning key activities across their organisation. By combining digital strategies, evolving value propositions and balancing strategic agility for a digital world with a longer-term perspective, companies will have what is required to build key resources and minimise resource wastage.

Marketers and companies have to adapt to and embrace the importance of digital learning, if they want to continue to meet the needs of their customers and actively drive more revenue. “I think we all need ongoing education to build on existing skills and to learn new ones,” states Tracey.

Barriers to digital education need not exist. It takes a top-down organisational commitment to this area in order to realise the potential that digital holds. Upskilling is essential so that you are better able to understand the significant benefits that digital education can provide.

The reality is, school’s not out when it comes to navigating digital, and organisations committed to equipping their most valuable assets impact not only their bottom line, but also their culture.

If you want to stay ahead in these highly competitive times, register for an ADMA IQ course – their courses in data-driven marketing, digital, content, privacy, analytics or creative are delivered either online or in-person and led by the industry’s top subject matter experts and practitioners.


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