Auror – Ensuring that retail crime doesn’t pay

Loss prevention remains a massive problem that retailers face. But thanks to the platform Auror has developed, they can stay one step ahead of the game.



Shopping at major retailers is part of everyday life. Most of us have come to feel at home in all the bustle, colour and excitement in stores, blissfully unaware of the major operations retailers are mounting to combat the ever-growing menace of shoplifting.

These days the majority of shoplifting is directed by organised crime. That’s why its potential to decrease retailer profits, increase retail prices and disrupt store operations has become significantly greater.

That’s also why a rapidly increasing number of major retailers are investing in highly effective in-house loss prevention teams and also in Auror, the leading online platform for reducing in-store crime.

It was fascinating to talk to the heads of Loss Prevention operations at two major retailers recently about how they are responding to the growing challenge presented by shoplifting and the contribution made by Auror.

They stressed that their number one objective is to prevent shoplifters from entering their stores. Once a shoplifter enters a store and commits a crime, it can be difficult for staff to stop or detain them. But with Auror’s help they can identify offenders and deny them entry – preventing a likely crime before it happens.

Immediately after a shoplifting incident has occurred, the affected store reports the incident in minutes through Auror’s software platform, posting images and CCTV footage of the shoplifter together with an incident report and automatically generated witness statement. This action immediately alerts their own company’s stores and other local Auror-protected stores they’ve chosen to share intelligence with, along with police officers linked to the platform. Stores can then be ready to deny entry to the identified shoplifters, effectively shutting the door on followup incidents.

By denying entry to these known offenders, retailers also reduce the chance of a disturbance happening in their store that could potentially put the safety of security, staff or customers at risk.


Retailers value Auror as a management tool that has helped achieve significant reductions in stock losses and has an impressive record in preventing shoplifting incidents.


The heads of Loss Prevention explained that their involvement in directing operations of this type is a daily preoccupation. The wealth of information and intelligence that builds on the Auror platform is invaluable in briefing and preparing for the daily threats they face. It identifies shoplifters and organised retail crime groups and indicates when, where and how they’re likely to strike.

They’re also delighted with the way Auror facilitates better case management at store level. Shoplifting incidents are now always recorded in a consistent format. This not only produces a more accurate and complete database, but has also resulted in Auror documentation being accepted in court as evidence. Many offenders have been successfully prosecuted from evidence Auror provides.

Police are enthusiastic about Auror because it complements their emphasis on crime prevention and helps them deploy their limited anti-shoplifting resources to best possible effect. It also helps them respond quickly since many can access Auror on the go through their mobile devices.

Major retailers value Auror as a management tool that has helped take their fight against shoplifting to an entirely new level. It has already helped achieve significant reductions in stock losses and has an impressive record in preventing shoplifting incidents.

Make no mistake that retailers’ fight against organised crime is tough. The professionalism and dedication that the Loss Prevention teams bring to it is impressive. However they are looking forward to having even more success with new technology that will enable a higher degree of shoplifter identification before they enter stores. In the future this may include facial and number plate recognition capabilities that can be linked to Auror and make it even more difficult for a shoplifter to approach a store incognito.

Both heads of Loss Prevention believed that the shoplifting threat from organised crime remains formidable but they have no doubt that they’re going to prevail.

Shoplifters will become increasingly aware that plying their trade in stores protected by Auror doesn’t pay. They will be made to pay instead.

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