Future Classics Furniture: Bringing the future to the present

Tucked in a side street in Alexandria lies a rip in time. A room where the past and future intersect, a place where grand designs that are yet to be, come into existence. In Australia, we are not short of artists and designers who dream big, but those who live out those dreams in waking hours are few in number.

Fortunately, we found a pair of those aforementioned few. We spoke to the pioneering founders of Future Classic Furniture, Phil Glick and Daniel Levy, who endeavor to bring the future of design into Australian interiors of the present. Their steadfast devotion to their unique pieces and unique mindset will ensure your decor will endure as a symbol to something we cannot live without: beauty.

Hi, Guys! Please give the audience an overview of how you connected and why you decided to launch Future Classics Furniture.

We both looked at buying a furniture hospitality business. Whilst the business was a good one we felt that the product was not sexy enough and that eventually, we would become bored. Being merchandise driven and having a passion for design and innovation, as well as identifying a gap in the market, we decided to rather establish our own business and create pieces of furniture that are different & exciting. We also noticed how expensive some wholesalers are and identified a huge gap in the market if we could provide quality products at fair value

What are some of the major elements you look for when curating the pieces you choose to bring into Australia?

Design and functionality are paramount, we also use textured metals, unusual paint finishes, and trendy fabrics combinations. Our sofa styles are a mix of contemporary & classic, an example is our sparrow sofa that has tufted button back and seats on a brushed metal frame

When launching Future Classics Furniture, how did you determine you’d be different to other current players in the market?

I have always believed in innovating and not imitating others. This approach can be risky but I suppose that after being in the furniture industry for over 30 years and visiting international fairs every year one begins to trust your gut feeling.

In regards to Australian décor, are there some discernible differences between Sydney and Melbourne?

Yes, certainly. Melbourne seems to have more of a European style and appreciation. Sydney more relaxed and easy. It also depends on area and demographics really. We recently exhibited at Décor & Design in Melbourne and had an overwhelming response by some leading interior decorators who just loved our products.

And finally, what is your advice to those seeking to launch their commercial ideas in the furniture and design space?

Go for it! Not everything you design or do may be a winner, but mistakes are the school books of learning. Follow your dreams and don’t be scared to experiment or try. The market is always looking for something different, new and exciting.

Future Classics Furniture has items that are the dream of every Interior Designer and educated eye alike. As it is often said, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

For a limited time only, they are having a direct to the public sale, with the end of line items at 80% off, so consider your window of opportunity ajar, showcasing the possibility of plains anew.

Sale starts Thursday 26th October at 9am in the Future Classics Furniture showroom:
Unit 1, 2 William Street, Beaconsfield NSW 2015
For more details click here.


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