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The Masked Liberal: Must we continue answering the marriage equality question we’ve answered?

While the marriage equality question has come to a close, the insanity certainly has not. Can we not just accept the results? Agreeing with Bob Katter is pushing me to crisis.



Quick show of hands who thought we’d still be arguing in the same tone a week after the results came in. Yeah. One could probably tapdance across the sea of raised hands and nary touch the bottom. But, in many ways, we’ve not exactly reached bottom, because we never left it, we’ve just managed to make ourselves comfortable on the floor.

To prove the depths of our despair, if Eric Abetz is the sole voice of reason, then that should illustrate the rather stomach-turning mosaic we’ve made, and now attempting to sell.



What we have now (and what we’re struggling with) is a difference of definition. As the great silent majority worms its way to the persecuted minority, the loud minority shifts to the silent validated majority. Which is difficult, as we’ve seemingly borrowed the etiquette from a spot of tea with the Cheshire Cat, where everyone is commanded to immediately swap places, for reasons not made particularly clear.



I suppose this pushback was to be expected, as much I would have done the same had those who dissented had won. Consider this morning the post-coital shuddering of the marriage equality debate. The deed is done, and while one side got what they wanted out of it, the other didn’t. So, cigarettes are lit, and no attempt is made to not ash on their sheets. The awkwardness is the boudoir is palpable, as we’re all unsure if we should attempt a second go at it.

Strangely, this national division is kept best in the trousers of one man. Ironically, our own Mad Hatter, a man who wears nonsense fractions on the side of his Akubra, the same that somehow tends to make sense of this long division.



Don’t laugh. Katter is us. A country beset by still having to choose a side after we’ve chosen, where an attempt to push on to anything else, seems a source of mirth. It’s done. We have a date, and a number to point to. Can we just accept it? How long can this insanity sustain itself?

I fear the entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire’s off his tea.




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