Rivkin: Your proven confidant in a volatile market

The right help is hard to find. We spoke to Shannon Rivkin and Oliver Gordon of Rivkin, a company that endeavours to build trust alongside the wealth of their members.





TBS: Good morning, guys. Please give the audience an overview of how Rivkin positions itself as different to others in the market?

Rivkin Local Investment Director, Shannon Rivkin: Rivkin has been providing Australian investors with sound investing recommendations for over twenty years. All our trade recommendations are placed by our own model accounts and all results are published on our website, providing complete transparency.


We pride ourselves on the level of service provided to our members. All directors, analysts and staff members are just a phone call away, as we never want our members to feel they are alone in the market.


What are some of the major elements that potential clients look for, that you deliver?

Many of our members have come to us because entering the stock market can be an intimidating experience. Our goal is to empower our members to invest confidently. We achieve this by providing model portfolios which can be replicated easily. We are available to assist our members set up and manage these portfolios. When it comes to your money, trust is everything. Many of our members have been with us for over 20 years, and that is because we’ve built a relationship based on this high level of trust.


What is it about the culture at Rivkin, one that sees a sustainable portfolio and long-term relationship with their clients?

The culture here at Rivkin is built on transparency and the relentless drive to assist our members in funding better lifestyles. We are continuously investing in resources that lead to the improvement of our investment portfolios and their returns.


In regard to those who may want to start a portfolio, what advice do you give them to help them start to unpack what they need to know – and where do they access that information?

The biggest tip I can give a new investor is to make sure the risks of investing are understood. Once you understand the risks, you can begin piecing together an investment portfolio that is well-diversified, stretching across multiple sectors and strategies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen investment portfolios that are weighted heavily in one sector, or even worse, one stock. You’ve been taught all your life to not put all your eggs in one basket – the same applies to investing.

Rivkin provides new investors with four comprehensive strategies that complement each other within the Australian market, and work to defend against market volatility while preserving wealth and fostering growth. More information about those strategies can be found here.



When looking at the current market, how much impact do you feel international events such as Brexit and Trump had on the mentality of local traders?


Rivkin Global Investment Director, Oliver Gordon: It is often said that equity market lows are events, while equity market tops are a process. Put another way, equity lows are often short-lived spikes which coincide with a perceived negative new events, while market tops tend to develop slowly over weeks to months.

Two recent examples of market events are the Brexit vote in the UK and the 2016 US presidential elections. Both events coincided with major price lows in the ASX200 around the 5100 level.

With prices now at 5950, anyone who sold at this time, obviously did so at a poor time.

Typically, selling at a time when market sentiment is fearful tends to result in poor timing, meaning investors would benefit from remaining objective and calm during such episodes.



What is it about Rivkin’s global investment process that helps local traders navigate consistently over a sustained period of time?

There are two main factors that Rivkin uses to help investors achieve long-term consistent results. First, we implement a systematic investment approach, whereby our buying and selling decisions are governed by a defined set of rules. Doing so negates judgement calls, which are often adversely impacted by emotions. Secondly, we use a quantitative, data-driven approach to the financial markets. The process of backtesting ideas allows us to determine accurately whether a market concept is indeed valid, and worthy of pursuing.


What is the biggest mistake you see struggling traders make?

The biggest mistake newer entries to the share market make is a lack of defined strategy. As a result, they tend to move from whatever is the latest tip at the time to the next. Even a very simple strategy will often lead to a marked improvement in their investment results.


And finally, what is your go-to source for daily news or resource?

A couple of helpful sites to get up-to-date information are Dailyfx.com and Bloomberg.com. Given that Rivkin uses a systematic, data-driven approach to investing, we do not preoccupy ourselves with daily news. The daily financial news is often very noisy and tends to distract more than aid a systematic investment process.


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