Humble, accessible, supremely talented, Sam Kerr is the footballing icon we’ve been waiting for.



Women’s sport is jumping out of the ground in popularity and coverage, and leading the way is our national football team. The Matildas are ranked in the top three in the world, and have their sights on winning next year’s Asian Cup in Jordan before marching on to the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France

Australia’s best player is striker Sam Kerr, a champion with an unassuming style, who is quick to defer her mantle to just being a member of the Matildas.

“I just love being part of this team and it is an amazing feeling standing arm in arm hearing our national anthem played in front of a packed home crowd. There is no better emotion.”

“I wanted a career in AFL but back then there were no prospects for females so I took to soccer, and I love it.”

Incredibly, Kerr was first selected in the Australian squad at just 15, after starring in the crucible of female competition in the USA, where she has become the all-time leading goal scorer.

Flash forward to 2017, and Sam is leading the Perth Glory in the W-League showing Aussie sports fans just how good a player and a person she is. Take for example presenting her signed Matilda’s number 20 jumper to the male supporter in Newcastle who became an Internet sensation after posting a photo of himself with a made up Sam Kerr jumper at the first Brazil game.


Why number 20? Sam again has no reason other than it being different to the typical 1 to 11 numbers on the back of football shirts.

“I have made number 20 my own, and besides, I like being different; and within the Matildas I am the goofball who likes to clown around but I am competitive in everything I do, especially football.”

Sam has the rare ability of being able to score goals from both a sizzling kick and a well-timed header. In effect, she’s everything we don’t deserve as a footballing country, that superb combination of a Ronaldo’s feet and Cahill’s forehead. There are many, myself included, who feel the Sam should have won this year’s FIFA International player of the year.

Sam Kerr will surely do Australia proud in every game she plays for the Matildas as they strive to win the World Cup in 2019 and it all stems from natural ability and her motivation mantra which has helped Sam go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. In her own words:

“Every day I wake up wanting more.”

Lucky us.


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