We sat down with Sydney radio royalty, Jonesy, to discuss his new book Fifty shades of 50, and his desire to interview Donald Trump or charismatically run the diner in Summer Bay. Whatever comes first.



1) Hi Jonesy! Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?

No, I saw the movie.


2) Has turning 50 prompted you to consider “turning” to that other form of wireless dominated by that other Jones boy?

I’m waiting ’til I turn 65 and cash in on some of that rich demographic.


3) Should turning 50, and being the radio partner of a Radio Hall of Famer come with perks?

I should get free parking at any rate.


4) You have the choice of Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump as an in-studio guest. Who do you choose?

The Donald all the way.


5) Ideal in-studio guest (dead or alive) other than Kyle Sandilands, Rik Mayall, Nelson Mandela and Oscar Wilde?

Jerry Seinfeld, we spoke to him once before and he is the perfect studio guest. He goes along for the ride.


6) Should the good burghers of Karratha WA – where your stellar broadcasting career began – erect a “Jonesy” statue in the main drag?

They don’t even remember me. Because it’s a transient population, all the people that worked there with me are long gone. They should though, they’ve got the Red Dog statue and all he did was bludge lifts off people.


7) If you could choose a “windswept and exotic” on-air moniker to replace “Jonesy”, what would it be?

I like the idea of Dan Jones, can we make that happen.


8) Are there any “serious” TV/film acting ambitions still unrealised?

I’d like to be on Home and Away as a charismatic new owner of the diner.


9) What would you be doing at 50 if commercial radio had not come knocking?

Driving a bobcat excavator.


10) When Fifty Shades of 50 is made into a movie, who would play you?

Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy.


You can buy Fifty Shades of 50 today!


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