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Mobilia Group: Clearing the clutter for a brand new home

Whether you’re looking to stay or sell, the gifted minds at Mobilia Group will maximise both the space and value of your home.



Style and soul. Two things which take a house and turn it into a home. Style and soul lift a home from a place to hang our hat to the place we live and love and grow, a place that becomes an extension of ourselves. But just as sometimes we need a refresh, so do our homes. Weighed down by clutter or daggy décor, houses can quickly go from palace to passé, just a tired relic of their former selves, desperate to be revved back to life.

The team at Mobilia Group understand this. Most importantly, they understand the value in sorting through the chaos to find your home’s hidden gems, to create a space that not only feels contemporary and calm, but that reflects your unique style, taste and personality.

Whether you’re looking to sell and need to give your place an edge in a tough market or you simply want to fall in love with your home all over again, Mobilia Group are here to help.

There’s no doubt that good styling is crucial to selling a property. Most real estate agents know they’re not just selling bricks and mortar but a dream, a lifestyle. The trouble can often be convincing home owners that while their beloved abode is filled to the brim with family memories, it could use a little TLC to make it attractive to a broader market. At Mobilia, they work closely with both home owners and estate agents, helping to make your home sellable while still retaining its natural character and uniqueness. Any seasoned house hunter knows that styling can make all the difference at an open for inspection. A good property reflects the happy life already in motion whilst also projecting the amazing potential a house could have with you at the helm. Clever styling is about striking a balance between what already is and what could be. Clever styling is an art and Mobilia paint a sumptuous palate with seasoned, expert hands.

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But what if you want to stay? Well, Mobilia can also help you fall back in love with your tired old abode. Their team are experts at uncovering exactly what made you sign on the dotted line to begin with, and they’re even better at helping you reignite that old flame. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to bring a home back to life, it’s just a matter of clearing the clutter and giving a place room to breathe. Do you really need to hang onto that collection of Lladro dancing ladies when it’s not your taste, simply because you inherited them from your Great Aunt Ida? Probably not. Been avoiding that dumping pile of loose change, bills and neglected knick-knacks that used to be a carefully curated collection of magazines artfully arranged on a coffee table? That’s Mobilia’s specialty. Sometimes it’s about updating colours or furnishings or modernising interiors, and sometimes it’s just a matter of looking things over with a fresh set of eyes. Either way, it’s your home and Mobilia will work with you to make sure it’s a reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

With Mobilia, you can rest assured that whether you’re selling or staying, your house is living its best life. And for a limited time, you can get 50% off on their Royal Series packages purchased now until the end of the year, for use in 2018. Don’t delay – you could be in a new home for the new year…even if it’s your old home!

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