Meet a CEO: Kelvin Holliday from the Transformational Group

Kelvin Holliday is a man who has overcome many obstacles. From defeating his own demons, to the Amazon bestseller list, he can help you unleash your inner potential.



Hi Kelvin! Can you tell us a bit about your career and what led you to found the Transformational Group?

My career started as a carpenter, a practical career I chose due to some reading and learning difficulties. Unfortunately, through my work broke my back which led me off onto a completely different career pathway, working in the not-for-profit sector.

After 12 years there, I recognized a gap in the market for quality consulting and training, so I started the Transformational Group of companies. This includes Transformational Consulting, Transformational Studios, Transformational Hub and the Transformational Institute.

My driving force was probably seeing so many people suffer injuries- whether it be work-related like mine or a car accident or whatever it might have been- and I wanted to give them a sense of hope and purpose in their life to be able to retrain and take a different career path when their old one was no longer available.


What sort of courses and services do you offer?

There are six services that we offer in three different categories that make up the Transformational Genius Model.

  1. Empowering People. We offer courses and training that increase the skills, knowledge and resilience of individuals that will empower them to reach their full potential and Unleash Their Awesome!  These courses include areas like emotional intelligence, mental health, first aid and goal setting. We call this the Resilience Accelerator. In these areas, we offer nationally recognized qualifications for disability services, business and leadership.
  2. Accelerating Productivity. Here we help organisations and individuals find the technology, tools and work out the systems they may have to use in their new work.
  3. Transforming Futures. This is a consulting service all about creating a strategy and team culture.


What have been the challenges in setting up a new business?

Typical of most businesses is that growth exceeded the initial capital. Cash flow has always been a challenge. Growing a business from zero to multi-million dollars in a matter of two years has been very challenging.

Also, a typical challenge was building a high performing team on a limited budget. We had to be creative in building our team but we now use our system as a strategy to help other organisations build teams locally and remotely.

Finally, it’s been tricky to build the systems to meet our growing demands. It’s meant we’ve had to keep ahead of the growth curve but we’ve found that challenge to be really exciting and rewarding. It’s probably why we were awarded Most Outstanding Business in the Special Business Category in 2017 in the Local Awards and now nominated for the National Business Awards 2018.


You’ve had a number of mental and physical setbacks in your life. Can you tell us about them?

The first one was the reading difficulty from a young age dyslexia, which held me back academically. It wasn’t really recognized at the time or even properly diagnosed until I was thirty.

I’ve also just had quite a few physical setbacks. I broke my back in a work-related injury which left me unable to walk more than a few steps at a time. I had no choice but to leave the building industry and take a desk job, which meant learning how to use my head instead of my hands.

I also used to be really sporty so when suddenly I couldn’t walk I just didn’t cope with it well. I put on 50kg and it sent me into a major depression. I also accidentally chopped off my thumb whilst trying to do some building work for my father. I put it down to a lack of concentration from my mental health problem. I found that my depression and anxiety even limited my ability to do the most basic of tasks. Depression is something I still carry today, though I’m working hard to overcome it and I’m definitely getting there. I’m working on my weight: I’ve lost 30kg within the last 20 weeks and now I’m back to getting fit and I’m about to set off on a 500km bike ride in Thailand.

I’ll be riding one hundred kilometres a day to raise money for a charity called Hands Across the Water.


How important are setbacks and failure in helping one recognise what needs to change in their life?

I am a firm believer that pain is a necessary emotion in the pursuit of growth.

I also have a philosophy that there is no such thing as failure. Instead, they are pain points that create a reason for us to adjust and create growth opportunities.

Do you believe that anyone has the potential to change their life if they want to badly enough?

I believe anybody has a potential to change their lives. I call it “Unleash Your Awesome”.
This principle is the real heart and core message of the books that I’ve written. And so, yes, I believe anybody has a potential to change their lives. I think I am the living proof that you can pick yourself up. Any experience that is significant in your life always makes a huge change to how you then live your life. But it’s your ability to be resilient and gather around you the right people – your cheer squad – that will make all the difference going forward. Once you do this, along with finding the courage, strength and determination, you can muster enough hope to make a difference.


You’ve just released a book about your life. Why did you decide to write down your story?

The main reason I wrote this book was that I had so much encouragement from people – my cheer squad- who told me it was a story that needed to get out. They thought me sharing my journey might help other people, and that’s what I’m all about.  I’m about empowering people to unleash their awesome. I wanted to show people that no matter what sort of physical, mental or emotional challenges you are facing if you have the right cheer squad with the right attitude and the right resilient heart, you can actually overcome and make anything happen.

What are the main lessons you’d like people to take away from your story?

The key message for me is that quite often we can feel trapped, broken and in a place of feeling hopeless and if we maintain that posture or that perspective, things will never get better.

I want people to learn that they can get strength by getting the right people around them and other people’s strength can make them more courageous and determined. And if they can gather up strength, hope and determination, they will actually find the hope that will make all the difference to their lives.


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