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Future Classics Furniture: Trends to watch for in 2018

With 2017 in the rearview, we asked the genius design minds of Future Classics Furniture on what they expect to be the hottest trends of 2018.



As 2017 comes to a close, many people are assessing the hottest trends in home décor from the year that was and looking to the future. We saw a year that valued bold geometry, rust-coloured everything and home furnishings with a natural edge.



Whether it is for your home, your store or your clients, it’s crucial for those committed to impressive décor to be across the latest trends, taking advantage of the pieces, prints and concepts that will launch your space into the New Year.

The Big Smoke spoke to some industry experts spanning retailers, designers and trend-setters to find out what they think 2018 holds for budding interior enthusiasts.

Philip Glick and Daniel Levy, the Founders of Future Classics Furniture, have been making their mark in the Sydney furnishings market. They caused a stir in November when interior stylists and designers were invited to their Beaconsfield Showroom to view pieces which exude Future Classics’ fresh, global inspirations. The dynamic duo’s 2018 trends are focused on three key pillars: colours, richness of sensational experiences and curved shapes.


2018 colours

When it comes to colors that are trending in 2018, Daniel and Phil say that they expect to see a lot of vibrant, elegant blues and opulent emerald greens. Warm and earthy orange accents will also be popular, as will metallic gold and antique brass finishes – witnessing a progression from 2017’s copper and rose gold fever.


Richness of sensational experiences

Daniel says “Products become more attractive and interesting as they become love-worn and time-worn from use, revealing new layers of colour and texture, crackled effects, weathering and oxidisation.” In 2018, we will start to see rich materials like velvet, differing metallic shining surfaces, dark wood and other pieces which highlight the beauty of imperfection.




Curved Shapes

If 2017 was the year of geometric shapes, then 2018 will be the year of curvy forms. “Their inviting and puffy look radiates comfort and decadent luxury, reminiscent of David Hicks’ emotionally charged interior design in the ’60s,” says Phillip Glick.

Curves will pair perfectly with bold colour palettes in 2018, great pieces of furniture becoming the clear centre of attention. Consider these adding an artistically handmade stool with irregular lines and lacking symmetry so that you can break the orderliness and gain more earthy attractiveness. The inviting atmosphere these shapes provide is usually complemented with some cosy features, like snug backrests or soft surfaces.




So, what are the experts saying about 2018?

Monica Porter and Mamta Johal, Early Settler Furniture

Biggest trends in 2018: Copper and rose gold stand aside, silver metallics are on the comeback trail!

Best comeback in 2018: Organic living. Flying in the face of our frenetic lifestyles is a desire to return to a simpler way of life that will be reflected in the way we furnish our homes. Watch as organic materials and traditional handcrafts continue to gain momentum.




Amanda Penninkilampi, 1825 Interiors

Biggest trends in 2018: I see industrial style furniture and homewares really growing in popularity. This style has been big in Europe for some time now. The style lends itself to both new homes and warehouse conversions alike.

Best comeback in 2018: I believe people are feeling the need to simplify their busy lives and this will be reflected in interior design. Think natural materials, clean lines and less clutter.




Melanie Shaw, Alfresco Emporium

Biggest trends in 2018: In 2018 we will see a pushback from mass-produced items and a rise in handcrafted pieces with authentic finishes: block-printed textiles, hand-painted ceramics and hand-woven rattan.

Best comeback in 2018: Making a comeback in 2018 will be luxurious maximalism. A highly layered decor style that embraces all things luxury and allows people to express their personality. We will see a rise in gold accents, crystal decor such as lamps, and plush textiles.



You can connect with the unique characteristics of Future Classics Furniture by visiting their distinctly different showroom at Unit 1, 2 William St, Beaconsfield NSW, or by going online to www.futureclassicsfurniture.com.au to view the latest creations and identify a stockist near you.

People fortunate enough to own Future Classics Furniture have a marked advantage over the rest. When it comes to enjoying the comforts of home, they’re sitting very pretty.

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