While you were asleep: Street art criticises Streep, Truck goes for a swim, Trump does his job

Coffee. Need. Coffee. Overnight, Meryl Streep was the target of street artists, a truck fell into a rich man’s pool and Donald Trump passed his first piece of legislation twelve months into his Presidency.



Street art lays into Meryl Streep, takes umbrage with her Weinstein commentary.

Street art (except for the art that is just that nonsense lettering) is very much a blunt form, where the political statements yelled on the brick facade of the newsagent reflect the silent angst of those who notice it. In recent times, just off the top of my head, we’ve had ‘Casino Mike’ articulate the double standards of Baird’s lockout laws (kebab and all), Kanye West frenching Kanye West, and the patron saint George Michael deified, then denied in the wake of the marriage equality vote. It is also a fleeting art form, where great beauty states the great obvious; then it’s gone, and this is why we can’t have clever things.



The latest statement swirls around Meryl Streep, who famously stated that while she worked in the industry, and indeed with Harvey Weinstein, she had no idea whatsoever of his sexual misdealings. Hmm. As a penance, her face now rims the backstreets of Pasadena, claiming the opposite.



Truck falls into NBA player’s pool, reminds writer of his comparable poorness.

Blaring its horn all the way from It’s a nice problem to have file comes the grating tale of how one truck ended up in one NBA basketballer’s pool. Now, yes. A truck falling into someone’s pool could happen to anyone, and it’s fair enough to not make the outrageous assumption that semi-trailers are attracted by disposable income enabled by being paid far too much to stuff round thing into a bigger round thing for a living, but look at that bloody view.



Look at it. Look at his gaudy excess.



Truckin’ hell.


Donald Trump finally does something, passes destructive tax reform measures.

Well, we got here. The twelve-month wait for Donald Trump to actually do something is over. Somehow representing his first piece of legislation passed (he was inaugurated on January 20), the Don’s tax reforms are probably not the most meaningful first step a boy could ever take, but if you’re well-heeled, you probably think differently.



Trump’s tax reforms slashed taxes to the wealthy, and his reform represents the largest measure of the last 30 years. Considering the man loves hyperbole, it is indeed yuge. Trumples has cut the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. The move also reshapes how the government taxes multinational corporations.

The bill keeps the present number of tax brackets but adjusts many of the rates and income levels for each one. The top tax rate for high earners is reduced. The estate tax on inheritances is changed, so far fewer people will pay for accessing Daddy’s money.

Is it a good move? Who knows. The Democrats have railed against it, claiming that the reform will eviscerate the middle class, but of course, they were going to say that. Time will tell. But if anyone knows the finer points of taxation loopholes, it’s that man.

Well done on doing something, Donald. Chin chin.




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