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Merry Christmas from TBS Next Gen

We’re extremely proud of the writers that make The Big Smoke’s Next Gen program so unique, so in the spirit of the season, we decided to ask how they’re spending the big day. 



Over 2017, The Big Smoke published 14 articles by nine young writers as part of the TBS Next Gen program. They talked about a whole range of issues that concerned them, such as the juvenile justice system, animal cruelty, police-youth interactions, gender bias and pollution in our oceans. Our Next Gen have plenty to say.

So to round off a great year of thought-provoking contributions by our young writers, we gave them an easy assignment – to tell us a little about what Christmas means to them and what they’ll be doing over the festive season.


Giselle Atlas

Christmas is a very interesting time in our family. For one, my father is Jewish, which has been kind of complicated because everyone expects him to not want to celebrate Christmas, but actually he sees it as a wonderful chance for us to bond as a family.

In this past year, we have moved into our own home, where we are going to cement many new traditions. We are going to be stuffing a chicken, making many roast vegetables and setting up the Christmas tree as a family. This year my mum has asked for a tree for her Christmas present, specifically a mango tree, and I think she’ll want a mango tree next year as well. The trees that we will plant every Christmas Day will signify new life and create new memories that we will remember for years to come.


Bailey Mason

Christmas means spreading kindness and Christmas joy for all. On Christmas Day I’ll be with my family enjoying a meat-free feast. Instead of turkey, we have tofurky. Everyone in my family loves animals and we keep them off our plate, so they can enjoy Christmas too! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


Eloise Viera

When I think of Christmas, I think of three things. They are Santa, spending quality time with special people, and of course, presents. All I would like for Christmas is maybe two or three books, one toy and my family getting even more love. Our traditional way of celebrating is having everyone come over to my grandparents’ house and finding our presents hiding under their tree. Everyone has his or her own Christmas stocking. My stocking has a picture of Hello Kitty on it. One other thing we do is put up Christmas lights. Each year we get one or two new lights. We also go looking at other people’s beautiful lights. It is absolutely delightful to see everyone coming together to celebrate this unique holiday.



Merry Christmas from all the TBS Next Gen writers and their amazing mentors.


This article is part of a series for The Big Smoke Next Gen.

The Big Smoke Next Gen is a program which matches professional and experienced writers, academics and journalists with students who wish to write non-fiction articles and voice their opinions on what is shaping the nation.

For more information about our program at The Big Smoke, or to become a mentor, please contact us.


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