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Nation prepares to struggle with parent’s wifi passwords over the holiday season

It is the hidden killer of the festive season – trying to locate the correct password for your parent’s internet connection. Stay safe.



As people across the country are heading home for the holidays, they are preparing for perhaps the most daunting of all holiday traditions: trying to get the correct wifi password from their parents.

“Most parents have their wifi password written down on a random, scrap piece of paper which they have since misplaced,” said Internet expert Gary. “Some parents are a little more tech savvy and change their password to the names of their grandkids or something like that.”

The Science Post interviewed several people who had run into this problem last year:

“I asked my dad for his wifi password and he told me it was AT&T” – Mark Masters, 28.

“My mum told me her password was ‘the one they set it up with’ and she didn’t know what it was” –  Julie Van Allen, 36.

“My mum said to ask my dad, so I did. He said it was the old dog’s name three times but wasn’t sure if it was capitalised or not” – Jamie Harrington, 32.

Tech experts across the country are urging parents to contact their Internet service providers ahead of the holidays to confirm their passwords and have them at the ready.


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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