Power Planter: For the love of gardening

For the uninformed, gardening is a chore. However, those in the know, know that the Power Planter system is the key to bringing back joy to your backyard.



Domestic chores can still be the bane of your life although perhaps they’re not quite the drudgery they used to be.

The dishwasher has saved thousands of kitchen sink slaves from becoming completely washed up, the motor mower has saved thousands more from being permanently put out to grass while washing machines have put the cleaners through the old boilers.

But there’s still digging. Let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge it’s now the most challenging of household chores and arguably the cause of more back pain than body-slams, fast bowling and touching your toes combined.

After many years of intense suffering however relief is at hand.

Now there’s Power Planter the brilliant easy-to-use planter and digger. It is battery operated with a cordless drill and hand-crafted in the US. It digs easily even through the hardest of soils and is safe to use even in rocky terrain.

Above all, it means that the joy of gardening needs no longer be diminished by the pain of bad backs and the handicap of old age. Digging and planting are a breeze with Power Planter.

Here are some recent comments from delighted users.

“I bought it for my wife but it’s so easy to use I find I’m using it myself”

“I bought it for my husband and he liked it so much that as soon as he’d finished the planting in our garden he volunteered to do the same for our neighbour”

“My wife doesn’t have to nag me anymore about getting on with the gardening”

“I never thought I’d say this at my age but I’m enjoying gardening again”

Please take a minute or two to view this video featuring Brian Chapman who is the man responsible for bringing Power Planter to Australia. It shows Brian demonstrating the great benefits of this wonder tool, the full Power Planter product range and also purchasers discovering how easy it is to use.



Power Planter’s potential is not just limited to digging and planting. It is also effective at mixing seeds, aerating compost and cleaning drains and it has proved invaluable in bush regeneration projects.

Go to powerplanter.com.au/gardeners to identify the Power Planter model that best suits your particular needs or maybe the Power Planter set that meets all your needs. And you’ll find that Power Planter products carry not only a lifetime guarantee but a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Power Planter could be just what you need in 2018 to make gardening into a labour of love once more.




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