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Mitchell Hook is a gaming enthusiast who also happens to live in the desert region of WA. He also happens to work in retail management and work with the indigenous. In his off time, he enjoys playing video games, arguing with people on the internet and cracking a cold one open with the boys.

Time to fight misinformation, not the ‘normalisation’ of Nazism

Yesterday, an interview with a white supremacist group split the nation. While they pose a problem, the spread of misinformation is more pressing, and something we all need to address.



There’s one thing that I cannot stress enough, especially when confronted with some of the most grotesque viewpoints from people. It’s violence. Especially violence in reaction to something that’s been presented.

While we shouldn’t let bad ideas and views go unchallenged, if they’re to be beaten, do so with good and better ideas and views, that have a basis in fact. Don’t attack the people, attack the arguments. People like this want you to assault them. They will do and say anything to have their persecution complex fed.

Assaulting them will probably end up with you being assaulted. Despite the rhetoric, let’s be clear here, Nazism is not being normalised. There has been irresponsible reporting and platforms given to some of these people who want to spread their hatred and bigotry, and they should definitely be held accountable.



But instead of assaulting these so-called Nazis, what people should be doing is ignoring the individual, and be pushing those media outlets who have provided a means for these individuals to grandstand. For those who are passionate about this issue, I urge you to join the discussion boards for some of these news sites who have published these articles and start healthy discussions that revolve around these sorts of topics.

You’re going to encounter people who think that this worldview is okay. I urge you to not feed them. If you can, argue with them and explain why they’re wrong and source your arguments well. Try to avoid turning the argument into an emotional one, because that can be exploited. Facts and logic cannot be exploited.

You’re probably not going to change their minds, but you’re far more likely to have an impact on the readers.

For those so inclined, I urge anyone who is passionate about education to tackle any misinformation they come across. There’s lots of it, and there are so many people who are spreading it like wildfire. Usually, it’s due to lack of understanding, but some people are also doing it on purpose.

We can’t afford to let misinformation, hatred and bigotry win.

It’s why I want to live in a world where the majority of people strive to believe as many true things and as less false as possible.


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