While you were asleep: North and South Korea join, The Cranberries singer passes, flu reaches epidemic levels

How many times do you have to wake up on the ‘wrong side’ of the bed before it becomes your normal side? Also, North and South Korea made friends. Good for them.




North and South Korea join in peace…to play Ice Hockey.

This is halfway between warming the cockles of your heart and dry the enamel off your teeth. Overnight, the Koreans (both sides) have decided to come together, in peace to play a violent sport. Yes, the completely nice and not at all cruel Zamboni-ed ice of the hockey rink will see both nations do their best to get along. And/or awkwardly force conversation before, during and after the game. What would they discuss? What’s your supreme leader’s favourite shade of green? You don’t have one of those, ok, yeah. No, we don’t know what ‘pizza’ is. Putting fruit on it just seems unnecessarily decadent.



Anyway, but support it we certainly should. The international neighbourhood’s most toxic union actually attempted the same stunt back in 1991, sending a group team to the Table Tennis Championship in Japan. Now, we’re not entirely sure what happened on their romantic getaway, but the 27-year gap suggests that no amount of hate-forking will salve the wounds.

That being said, Table Tennis is not Ice Hockey, as the good old-fashioned punch-up is a time-honoured part of the experience, as the referees and crowd spectate, followed by a five-minute timeout. But, considering the risk of geopolitical turmoil after the final buzzer, will we see the entirety of the stadium attempt to step in?

I’d watch that.


Dolores O’Riordan, the voice of the Cranberries passes at 46.

The voice of The Cranberries (you know the one, with their tanks and their guns, and their guns, and their bombs), the one that gets in your heeeeaaaadd, Dolores O’Riordan, has passed overnight due to a currently undisclosed ailment.



Which is sad, indeed, as she possessed a memorable voice alongside an aesthetic (which coincidentally, was eerily similar to my first two girlfriends), but with the passing of artists, we’ll always have their art. Which, for O’Riordan, is a rather large pickle. You see, I personally hope that necromancy exists, and indeed that the departed will walk again, as The Cranberries: Reanimated tour would be thoroughly meta.

A zombie singing ‘Zombie’ would be worthy of the great legacy she leaves. Vale.



American flu season super-sizes itself, reaches epidemic levels.

A storm (of complaint) is coming. Over in the United States, the spread of influenza has reached hyperbolic red, as it has reached ‘epidemic’ levels, which according to this GIF from Vox, means that every person on that problematic continent possesses a sniffle.



That being said, the spread of the disease has actually become fatal, claiming around 100 people thus far. Which is surprising, as I didn’t know you could still perish from the flu. I mean, we’re exactly a century removed from the last big one, and it still poses a problem. I mean, I don’t want to make this about the availability of universal health care, but last year our terrible flu epidemic (yes, we had one), claimed less than ten.

*cough cough*

*also sniffle*



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