Hawaii’s Governor couldn’t confirm the doomsday alarm was false – because he forgot his Twitter password

Last week, everyone in Hawaii thought they were going to die. Their governor knew they weren’t, but he was unable to log in to Twitter to confirm it. Goose.



While it might have been the false alarm that launched a thousand erections, it now seems that last week’s faux doomsday calamity in Hawaii might have been easily tempered – if the Governor of Hawaii was able to remember his Twitter password.


David Ige, the giddy goat, sheepishly explained to CNN: “I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account login and passwords.”



Dearie doo.

The mind spins to the furious action of Ige’s office on the big day, as his staff pointed fingers and raised voices as Governor David attempted to shut them all out, hoping to remember which variation of “HotRodDaveXXX” was the one he chose for work.

According to David’s many apologies, the Twitter login gaffe didn’t hinge on Inge remembering his password, however, the kicker is that he knew the alarm was false, but he was unable to inform the populace that shale, fire, brimstone and a steel hell authored in Pyongyang was actually fiction.

And yes, it seems to be a minor point of difference, because there were no bombs, but transport this situation from Hawaiian beaches to ours. If Dutton or Malcolm did the same, surely there would be some who’d ask for respective heads on respective pikes.



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