While you were asleep: Kentucky’s fatal school shooting, Australian man faces Bali jail, Cookbook stirs pot

Hump-day. Tee-hee. Overnight, we’ve seen Kentucky the latest location for needless bloodshed, an Australian face a Balinese court and a cookbook split the moral palate.



Kentucky rings in the first fatal school shooting of 2018.

Unfortunately, it seems we’re set to have that discussion once more, the one where the world (and especially us) open our palms with blank faces, eyebrows pointing at the change we’ve seen since Port Arthur. Overnight, the first school shooting of 2018 (which has a grim, familiar ring to it, almost like a tradition) occurred, as one student, with the application of a handgun turned the hallways of the Marshall County High School into a location we’ll never visit, but forever know.



As for what we know so far, the perpetrator of the acts is alive, in police custody and not a day beyond 15 years old. The medium of the violence was a handgun, leaving two dead and injuring seventeen others. More as this story comes to light, but the rhetoric from the remainder will be the same, and remain it should.


Australian man to face Balinese jail over drug charges.

Elsewhere in extremely familiar rhetoric news, we have another Australian facing a Balinese jail on drugs charges. A Brisbane fellow, Joshua James Baker, is facing the Corby stretch after customs officers discovered the devil’s lettuce and a handful of diazepam tablets.

The lawyers of Baker claim that he uses the substances to treat his paranoid schizophrenia. Prosecutors claim that Mr Baker has no prescription for diazepam, and are rather curious as to where he bought the marijuana.

Baker’s defence team will have the chance to present their case on January 30. And, at the risk of editorialising, and I’m not saying he’s guilty, but the Australian in a Balinese jail is something that is necessary to the background of our lives. Like the first cut lawn of summer, or the last promises to never drink again. ‘Straya.



Stock cooking book tastes poor on flavoursome cover.

There’s an obvious gender roles undertone here, but let us not participate. It’s just a cookbook cover. That being said, the world of the stock photo is a puzzling one. Yes, it’s a place that echoes the microcosm of accepted gender rules by the populace, you know, because it has to sell stuff, but I’m forever enthralled by the lives of those who twist their limbs to bring life to something as soulless as a food blender.

Look at their dull/vibrant faces. Do these two strangers proudly point at this image as an indicator of their jobs very well done? Or do they not care, and it’s a hedonistic free-for-all akin to the last days of Rome. But with easily blended grape smoothies, obvs.



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