TrinityP3: Can the real thought-leader please stand up?

In the information age, we’re often crippled by a lack of credibility. What we need is a leader to steer us to the more reputable sources.TrinityP3 is exactly that.



Any day of the week you can log into your LinkedIn profile to only be met with posts about media transparency, what the future of publishing looks like with the recent Facebook changes, and how exactly marketers should be measuring ROI on ad spend. The biggest issue is reading past the headline and looking at the person who is providing the advice. Too often, the headline and thought-leadership quips are being made by people wanting to sell you their content marketing packages, their Facebook ad blueprint or their “How to gain an audience of 100k in 30 days” e-book.

The credibility behind the who becomes less relevant when the majority of readers are struggling to deal with a complex digital climate and trying to make sense of the opportunities and hindrances that face marketers daily. On a broader level, we must look at the democratisation of leadership articles across the globe, and look at what they are truly asking the reader to do. Specifically, what are the questions that the reader is forced to examine? As marketers, the importance around truly understanding why their budgets and outcomes look the way they do is about unpacking the questions that many marketers prefer to avoid – questions like “How does my ad agency really charge their clients?” and “Can I trust the data supplied to me by this analytics firm?”. The deeper the questioning the deeper the insights as knowledge starts to uncover rudimentary metrics that really end up meaning nothing to the bottom line of a business.

While questions like these are often explored online with mixed information, the larger industry questions are still remaining unanswered.TrinityP3’s 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2017 looks to uncover the questions that not only marketers should be asking, but also agencies. Questions such as “Does my agency realise all the income potential we could?” and “Are we abdicating pricing to our clients?”.

With every second blog post written by someone who has not necessarily led a profitable agency or worked within companies that have successfully transformed in the way their advice suggests your company transform, the focus on past performance becomes the biggest defining factor.

Each year, TrinityP3 collate the top insights, advice and questions that were most prevalent within that year, building a strong foundation for where the industry should go next and what factors should be focused on. Their most recent book is crucial for both marketers and agencies, unpacking the role of science in marketing and advertising as well as understanding better the prototype model for the marketing communications process. In an ever-changing climate, knowledge from those who the industry not only trust but who have worked alongside the industry for over 25 years, ensures solutions to many of the biggest challenges facing agencies and marketers today. The book is filled with insights and advice from some of the most respected professionals and practitioners within the industry, providing an insider’s view of knowledge that is often time-consuming if not impossible to obtain easily.

From “Eight ‘less obvious’ reasons why agencies lose pitches” to “the importance of social media making the CEO the public face of the business”, this book provides a 360 outline that not only asks the hard questions, but provides a pathway towards innovative and reasonable solutions.

Not only should we as an industry be placing pressure on our “thought-leaders” and revisiting their credibility and past performance, we should be taking the advice of the Warren Buffets and Bill Gates of the world and investing ourselves in the “knowledge economy”; and for those within the media, marketing and advertising ecosystem – there is no better way to invest in yourself then by reading TrinityP3’s Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2017.


Now in its fifth year, the Top 50 Marketing Management Posts of 2017 is now available. Find out more about this book and the previous editions at
Available in paperback and e-book.


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