Meet an Innovator: Vizion Property Group

We spoke with the Vizion Property Group about their innovative approach to development, which is changing the way Queensland looks at investment properties.



Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and your business. What are the sorts of services you offer?

At Vizion, we design and build duplex investment properties with a focus on instant equity and gaining positive cash flow before tax. The properties are designed specifically to meet the needs of tenants and therefore be profitable investment properties.

We offer a “done for you” property, providing everything from help with finances to designing and building your new property, project management and even property management once the project is complete. We build the same duplexes for our personal portfolio as our clients do. Often we’re building in the same street as our clients, so we definitely put our money where our mouth is!


Vizion has been around since 2013. What did you do before that? How did you get into property development?

We ran a Quality Assurance and Inspection business in the Oil & Gas Industry for 10 years but have always had a passion for property investment. We have a large property portfolio in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and over the years we’ve constantly been asked for help from friends with their property investments… we seem to be very good at it so it made sense to try and turn it into a business. With our business partner, Tracy Drent, on board, we pooled all our skills and formed Vizion Group QLD.


What are the key factors to a successful property development?

Research and due diligence is very important. You have to know your market and be sure that you’re making the right decisions for your clients. This means having the right team of consultants who are all on board with the strategy before you get started. Being in control of the whole project from start to finish – as we are – also ensures a seamless execution of processes and procedures.


What sorts of clients do you help? Who are the types of people who purchase investment properties?

Most of our clients tend to be interstate. They’re time-poor people who are thinking about the future and want to set themselves up with properties that will pay for themselves and grow in value, and they’re risk averse because they don’t want to lose money.


The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful part of the world, but why is it so attractive for investors?

The Sunshine Coast is booming. It’s always been attractive as a holiday destination but now it’s really becoming somewhere people want to live. It’s a place where rental yields are high, vacancy rates are low and there’s plenty of growth and infrastructure in the area. It’s a no-brainer in terms of property investment.


What sort of challenges have you faced when it comes to starting and running a business? How have you overcome these?

We’re competing in a very large industry and there can be highs and lows, and you have to be able to manage them. Supply and demand can sometimes be a challenge along with delays of land titles. Designing a blueprint gave us clarity around our systems and procedures. This allows us to manage any situation consistently.


What are some of the things you enjoy most about your work?

We really enjoy helping people create a different future for themselves. It’s amazing to be part of that process. It’s also fantastic to see people grow in confidence when it comes to investing once they have a quality portfolio which continues to grow, and we educate them along the way so they understand the process and how it all works. It’s really gratifying to see the smile on our clients’ faces at completion when they see we have delivered exactly what we promised. We also go out of our way to make sure the clients feel like we’re approachable and efficient when it comes to customer service. Our business couldn’t function if our clients didn’t like us and trust us, and we in turn really enjoy building a relationship with each individual.

Anything else we should know?

Most of our clients are interstate and have purchased more than one duplex from us. We stay in touch by supplying them with weekly videos and photos showing the progress of their build and keeping them 100% part of the experience along the way.

We also offer our clients a rental assurance. If we don’t have tenants secured two weeks after the bank have made the final payment, we will pay the rent until we do.

Our “done for you” system is really all about taking the headache out of investing to make it something easy, enjoyable and – most of all – profitable.

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