While were you asleep: Rudd sues ABC over cabinet papers, Moon misses Sydney, Bernie gets meme’d

Knock knock, who’s there? Drraaaammmaaa. Overnight, Kevin Rudd sued the ABC over the cabinet papers, the Super Moon wasn’t that super and Bernie Sanders applauded. Sort of.



Rudd launches at the ABC, shredding the credibility of the Cabinet Papers.

Annnnnnd the first shoe has clanged the floor in the Cabinet Papers fiasco, as former PM (and handball enthusiast) Kevin Rudd has started legal action against the ABC. In a statement via Twitter (see below), Mr Rudd claimed that the allegations against him were complete fiction.

“In fact, it (the royal commission launched by Tony Abbott) found that when I was PM, ‘there was no warning given of the very many problems with the program’,” the former Labor prime minister tweeted.

“The report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) alleging I ignored warnings on the risks to the safety of installers of home insulation is a lie.”



Who else thought that this whole cabinet pickle would be quietly relocated to the back shed?

Yeah, us neither.


Sydney misses out on the Super Blue Blood Moon, but we didn’t really miss out on much, hey.

For those who possess a Sydney address, last night’s Super Blue Blood moon looked very much like this:



Gorgeous/Bummer. However, the rest of the country (I think) were treated to some visceral lunar chicanery, and gleefully uploaded the images to Insta, perhaps not focusing on the focus element. That, or the Super Blue Blood moon is an inherently blurry occurrence.

Not sure, didn’t see it.



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This might be a case of sour moon grapes, but considering that it is a phenomenon that knocks on our doors every century and a half, it’s not that impressive, hey. And fine if you ignored us, moon, we’re part of #TeamHalley’sComet anyway. So ner.

Bring on 2061.


Sanders once again walks the meme streets of Washington. Clap clap, Bernie.

You know what? For twelve beautiful hours, I thought we escaped Donald Trump’s State of the Union address with our sweet lives. But no, the familiar rusty claws of memedom crush our ankles under breakfast tables this morning, as a minor note of indifference became a meme. Because we haven’t got enough of those already.

Essentially, Bernie Sanders didn’t much care for proceedings, so he barely forced a clap, which like, totally, echoed the internet, as everyone thought, ohhhh I do that, making with the somewhat mirth that will live forever for the rest of the day.





To you, DollyPartonSocialism (!), I say:






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