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Who’ll get the blame for the Cabinet Papers? Play our bingo to find out!

Who leaked the Cabinet Papers? Probably one of the usual suspects. Make the witch hunt fun with our media blame game bingo!



Yesterday, we discovered a series of top secret (and extremely awkward) files cascading from the drawers of a second-hand piece of furniture. The moment presented us with two obvious points. It confirmed what we already suspected, in that our politicians are as that crooked as we thought, and the soubriquet that will forever label the moment might be the laziest ever surmised in the plains of political crisis. The files were found in a cabinet, which in turn, implicated members of the cabinet. Mind-blowing.



However, that initial shock of political wrongdoing has already passed, so the news cycle will now ultimately turn to the more important issue. Who to blame. Today’s headlines preceded the rumblings of Twitter last night, as the ‘cabinet truther’ movement was born.



Whether they’re right or not, is irrelevant. Objective truth, schmobjective truth. Anyone who has pedalled the news cycle will know that this presents an opportunity to flay old enemies. So, with that in mind, we cue the game show music and introduce our fabulous mainstream media cabinet papers blame game binnnggoooo.

The rules are simple. Take in your usual scan of the nation’s headlines and social media feeds, and when you see one of the below names blamed for the leak of the Cabinet Papers, cross them off the table below.



The first person to complete the list according to the rules of Bingo/Housie/Connect Four (the completion of a row of four (4) in any direction) will win our grand prize, this fabulous second-hand filing cabinet!





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