Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture: Now you can see the wood for the trees

While most local furniture manufacturers focus on imported fare, only Eclipse directly reflects who we are as a nation.



Look directly into this Eclipse to be dazzled by the world’s finest hardwood furnishings

Whenever you drive through the Riverina region of NSW, you’ll be struck by the bucolic landscapes. Each season brings a variety of colours as the various crops come into bloom, and along with them the reassuring presence of the glorious Eucalypt trees peppering the scenery.

It’s amid this quintessentially Australian backdrop that Ross Triffitt, the proprietor of Eclipse Furniture, began his journey into discovering the absolute sheer beauty of our humble gumtree.

The Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture showroom, found at 1031-1035 Bourke St Waterloo (just outside of Sydney’s CBD), is the place to see the biggest display of absolutely stunning Australian made hardwood tables in Sydney.

Ross found his way into the furniture game in the late 1970s at the age of 21, setting up a small shop selling brightly-coloured velvet-covered beanbag-style furniture in Wagga, which then evolved into a “more normal” range of furniture. The business started manufacturing timber furniture in around the late ’80s with one craftsman in their garage back when the cottage country look was all the rage. The timbers used then were all soft woods, mainly old Baltic pine floorboards and recycled Oregon, which suited that style of furniture.

Fast forward ten years, Eclipse at that point had evolved and were fully committed to using Australian hardwood timbers, mostly eucalypts. “As much as possible we like to use timbers that would otherwise be wasted such as timber from fallen trees on private properties and recycled timbers from old buildings. We’re giving them a second life.”

“There’s an unsung beauty of our indigenous hardwood trees,” Ross says. “When people rave about Australian timbers, it’s always about the timbers in Tasmania which are beautiful no doubt. But when it comes to diversity of colour and patterns and species, you can’t compare with what we have on the mainland.”

“Australia has the most beautiful, the biggest and most diverse range of hardwood timbers in the world. European oaks, American cherry wood, walnut, and the Mahogany timbers are all beautiful, but no other country has the diversity of hardwood timbers like Australia.”

A fact that most Australians are unaware of and Ross sees it as his mission to change that.


A dining table is the focal point of any home.

So much of family life revolves around the family dining table. Therefore it warrants being a special piece of furniture, something that is uniquely Australian and something that celebrates an unheralded piece of our natural heritage and that is fast disappearing. And due to the 100% natural oiled finish, it’s a table that collects “history” within a family. So many special family events occur over the family dining table.

There’s a story within the timbers used to make an Eclipse table and with every passing year thereafter, another story develops within the patina of that table. Then as the table gets passed down through the family, that ongoing story is there for all to see. It becomes far more valuable than the day it was purchased.

Eclipse furniture can be purchased from the showroom floor as you see it; alternatively, it can be an adaptation of a showroom design customised to suit your needs, or on an exclusively bespoke basis.

An Eclipse table is a table forever, it simply doesn’t wear out. So when talking about value for money, that is unsurpassed.

Most of what is seen in other furniture shops are mass-produced in other countries. Step into the Eclipse showroom and instantly “feel” the difference; the tables on display have been individually crafted by one person and a lot of pride goes into every piece. And like fingerprints, no two are ever the same.

“There’s no better way to showcase beautiful Australian timbers than to create a big beautiful tabletop out of it,” Ross says.

Most Australian furniture manufacturers over the last 30 years have fallen victim to the cheaper imported products that have flooded the market during that time and disappeared. In light of that, isn’t it nice to see a small Australian manufacturing and retail business like Eclipse thriving in this highly competitive furniture market. And why? Well, it’s all to do with the value of what is being offered far exceeding the price.

Visit the Eclipse website to get a full rundown of their fantastic designs, their history, and how to start your journey towards owning a quality, bespoke custom-made dining table, for your family to enjoy for generations to come.


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