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AusPol’s most enduring bromance seems to be on the rocks, as Malcolm Turnbull will not allow Barnaby Joyce to run the country in his absence.



And it all came tumbling down. Of all the Barnaby Joyce rhetoric this week, the one question that required an answer faster than everything else, was what would happen when Malcolm Turnbull was out of the country? Would Malcolm trust Barnaby to look after the house and not trash it?

This afternoon, we have an answer.

It’s an unequivocal nahhh.



In the shady opaque land of politics, consider Mal’s decision to be a stay of execution. A we’ll talk about your position when you come back from your break kind of deal. In the simplest of definitions, it really boils down to Mal having zero confidence in the man himself. After all, that is the breadth of his role. To deputise the Prime Minister.



Although, all that being said, a question must be asked. In the ten weeks since winning his job back, Barnaby has totally earned that much paid leave, right? Of course he has. 

For those playing at home, the most affable fun-loving scamp in the Ozpolniverse, Mattias Cormann will be filling the role of Australia’s premier antagonist.



Sehr gut.