Auror: How to make shoplifters the fall guys

When one business needed a new strategy to curtail in-store crime, they reached out to Auror. With Auror’s innovate data-backed analysis, they were able to stop theft long before it walked through their door.



“John”, the Loss Prevention Manager at a major retailer, decided it was time for a change of strategy.

He was responsible for the security of a massive stockholding plus the safety of thousands of employees, but only had limited resources at his disposal. In-store crime was surging, with most of it known to be orchestrated by organised crime.

The situation called for bold new measures. John decided it was time to tackle the organised crime behind the shoplifting rather than just the shoplifters themselves. He reasoned that if there was no-one around to receive and pay the shoplifters for their stolen goods, they would lose their source of income and stock losses would decline.

Auror was on hand to help. This online platform had helped John’s company take action against in-store crime to a new level by providing the extra dimension in information, intelligence and collaboration that is essential to anti-shoplifting operations. An Auror client always knows the instant crime occurs in their stores, where it’s likely to happen, and has access to the complete history of in-store incidents. And they get intelligence from other Auror clients as well.

John became aware that an offender was stealing large amounts of baby formula and beauty products from his organisation’s stores. She was tracked through in-store surveillance and a check through Auror’s records revealed her as an inveterate thief. John sensed that this was the opportunity he’d been waiting for.

A two-day surveillance operation started at the home of the known offender in the early hours of the morning, where she was witnessed leaving home at 6:30am to spend the day stealing from ten of John’s stores. She was then followed to a residential property where she dropped off the goods to an elderly lady in exchange for cash. They had found a receiver.

Activity levels at the address indicated it was a major buying hub for stolen goods. Large quantities of goods were captured on camera being delivered to the house, often by other offenders known through Auror.

Six other properties were identified through continued surveillance by the team and confirmed as part of a huge black market operation.

John now had strong evidence to go to the police and work with them to target the receiving hubs identified over two days of surveillance.

The police subsequently raided all the properties, recovered $300,000 worth of stolen goods, $500,000 in cash, a considerable quantity of ingredients used in drug-making, and made seven arrests. The whole operation had taken just four weeks.


Organised crime got the message. The incidence of shoplifting in stores declined sharply.

Auror’s contribution to this outcome was essential. The platform provided the retailer with a complete aggregated picture of the shoplifters’ activities and then became the communication and intelligence focus between the retailer, its stores and the police.

Auror assisted the comprehensive case management of these events by the retailer and enabled effective internal collaboration between the stores and management, and also between the retailer and police. They supplied the valuable intelligence and evidence to enable police to pursue a strong enforcement outcome.

Auror played a vital role in the success of John’s strategy and has become a critical factor in helping a number of retailers tackle the scourge of shoplifting.

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*Note: Names and identifying details have been changed to protect anonymity.


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