Power Planter: A revelation in the hole business of gardening

The Power Planter system can be a revolutionary force in your garden. But don’t take our word for it, let three of their converts convince you.



Derek urgently needed a fence to keep his chooks from straying but he considered himself well above the retirement age for digging holes for two-metre posts.

Even his grandson found the challenge to be beyond him.

So Derek looked around for solutions and came across Power Planter online. “I wasn’t all that confident it would work but I was getting desperate” he confided.

“I stuck it on my drill and was amazed that it took only fifteen minutes for someone of my age to dig the first twelve holes. It was such a godsend that I couldn’t help wondering why on earth no-one had thought of it before”

Derek rates Power Planter to be worth every penny. “I keep it in a glass case in my shed and give thanks every time I go past it,” he said.

Power Planter is the state-of-the-art planter and digger that is handcrafted in the US. It ensures that even for people of advancing years and a dodgy back like Derek everything in the garden can still be lovely.

Jeff bought a rental property with a garden that had all the required characteristics for jungle warfare training. He selected Power Planter as a key resource in his campaign to convert it into a domestic asset.

“I was astounded” he recalled “that with Power Planter I was able to dig 200 holes for planting in just four hours. I was expecting that it would take me three days at least. Unlike a lot of things you buy on-line, Power Planter did everything they claimed it could do.”

In addition to planting and digging, Power Planter is great for mixing seeds, aerating compost and cleaning drains.


Gary loved creating gardens but hated maintaining them. “I just couldn’t stand getting my hands dirty” he explained.

“When we bought our new house, however, I quickly realised that such was the challenge presented by the garden. It was a case of either my hands getting dirty or my wife. I wisely chose the former and put my faith in a Power Planter.”



“I can’t believe the change that has come over me. Power Planter has been instrumental in changing my whole attitude to gardening. I now actually enjoy planting even though our garden is comprised of clay soil with rocks in it.

“I’m now out in the garden at least three times a week and am accumulating brownie points from my wife at an unprecedented rate. What I like above all about Power Planter is that it’s robust and it works.”

Go to powerplanter.com.au/gardeners to identify the type of Power Planter that suits your individual needs and place an order. You have the reassurance of a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime product warranty. If you would like to talk to an expert do not hesitate to speak to call Mark Jones on 0423 248 746.



If you’re in a bit of a hole when it comes to gardening you can count on Power Planter to provide the sort of wholesome gardening experience now enjoyed by Derek, Jeff and Gary.


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