ABC Reading Eggs: Free range for parents

ABC Reading Eggs is a phenomenon in early education, as parents the world over have confidence in the program to play a crucial role in their children’s development.



10 million children from 169 countries is a clear indication that ABC Reading Eggs is doing something right. Emerging from its humble roots née Blake Education in 1996, the company has published hundreds of successful reading and literacy titles for primary schoolers, striving to validate its motto “better ways to learn”.

The expansion of the Internet and proliferation of mobile devices necessitated the evolution of this strategy. Best practice research, phonics instruction and student feedback were fused into 40 online lessons which received an instant, overwhelming level of positive feedback. Generic blanket statements are quasi-compelling, but what are people’s real opinions? Reading Eggs publisher Katy Pike shares her experiences:

“Kids loved it, parents were overwhelmed with how much their children were learning all on their own. I recall one father writing to us in amazement as his 3-year-old had learnt how to read on our program with no additional help. He thought it was some kind of magic.”

Since the online launch in 2008, the “egg carton” has expanded to 120 reading lessons, 220 comprehension and spelling lessons and a comprehensive library of 2,500 books. It also features a section called Reading Eggspress for older children and Reading Eggs Junior for 2-to-4-year-olds.

“It’s not a gap that we’re filling. Schools do a great job,” says Katy. “We’re actually just coming from the idea that so many parents want the joyful and rewarding experience of being actively involved in their young child’s education.

“There are all these firsts that as parents we get to witness – when they first learn to walk, their first word, all the amazing things that they learn from 0 to 5. When they get to school, we can lose some of this as someone else takes over as their main teacher. I watched my son Jarrah learn to read online at home and it was the most joyful experience to be part of and watch him learn each new skill.”

“That’s the thing with learning to read – there are literally hundreds of steps in the process. But each one is a mini-milestone that you can be part of, that you can witness and that as a parent you can be the cheer squad for. It really is a wonderful thing to see”.

Reading Eggs’ high level of success is astounding. As parents, we tend to be very particular about who educates our kids. In this case, it’s taken a child-focused, step-by-step, game-like program to make learning interactive and engaging for mothers, fathers and children alike.

“Parents love ABC Reading Eggs because they can see all the benefits of a program that works well, delivers on its promise and is giving their children the head start they need to be successful at school,” says Katy. “This is screen time with benefits. No guilt here.”

Children, likewise, have eagerly adopted the lessons into their after-school routine. “Once a child is set up with an account, children can use the lessons independently. And they are rewarded every step of the way with golden eggs, games and a house to furnish and decorate,” shares Katy.

The numbers speak for themselves – its rapid international growth is a testament to ABC Reading Eggs’ flexibility, charm and sheer academic success.  The organisation’s singular triumph lies in its ability to cater for each child’s individual needs.

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“We have had phenomenal feedback from parents of young children, older children, struggling readers, kids with learning difficulties, kids with autism,” states Katy.

“The most memorable for me was a mother with three kids, one of which, a daughter, was born with Down syndrome.” The girl had watched her two siblings learn to read and she was very keen herself to try, but had never been given the opportunity.

“The mother wrote to us, sharing her and her daughter’s joy from finally learning to read with ABC Reading Eggs,” Katy continues. “It was very moving for all of us here, to know that the program can make such a difference. It’s really what we set out to do.”

Of course, the best way to fully understand how beneficial ABC Reading Eggs can be is to try it for yourself. And right now, all new customers can sign up for a free three-week trial of the entire ABC Reading Eggs Learning Suite, which includes:

This limited-time offer ends on June 30, 2018, so go to today to sign up for your free, no-obligation three-week trial.

ABC Reading Eggs is not only a wonderfully effective teaching program, it also introduces to children the invaluable idea that learning can be fun.


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