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Exiled Trump aide mad as hell, couldn’t take it anymore, rants to CNN

In a particularly visceral week for the Trump Administration, a twice-fired aide has completely lost the plot on CNN, claiming that Donald’s goose is cooked.



This afternoon, the name ‘Sam Nunberg’ has emerged from the cloaca of governmental scandal, marking a new Act and Scene in the quasi-theatrical spectacular that is American Politics.

Bearing the (honorary?) title as a one-time Trump campaign aide, Sam Nunberg has just delivered a fragmented spell of rhetoric – daring the head of the Russian election interference inquiry to arrest him, stating that Trump was cognisant of the “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” Trump Tower meeting, and suggesting that the ongoing Russian investigation may already have something on Mr President – all of which left the rest of us completely baffled.



Who is Sam Nunberg?

Beyond being a former adviser to Trump’s campaign team, he is the man who Trump hired, fired, rehired, refired and then sued for $10 million USD.

He was first fired in 2014 for encouraging Trump to participate in a BuzzFeed article which ended up being highly critical of the real-estate tycoon’s political campaign. For reasons not disclosed, he was re-hired in 2015 only to be fired a few months later due to his history of ‘racially charged and disparaging political posts dating back to 2007 on Facebook’.

Hope Hicks, Trump’s White House Communications Director, shared her thoughts on his character back in 2016. “He’s a highly self-destructive individual who makes routine calls begging for his job back”. Upon speaking out about the Presidential Campaign, Nunberg was sued by Trump for breaching various confidentiality agreements – the $10 million lawsuit being settled ‘amicably’ in 2016.

This afternoon, he’s back for round two.



In an interview with the Associated Press, Nunberg shared his ‘anger’ for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s order for him to appear before the grand jury and turn over communications with other ex-officials (including his mentor Roger Stone) as part of the FBI Russia-Trump Investigation.

“They have requested a ridiculous amount of documents,” Mr Nunberg said. “Should I spend 30 hours producing these? I don’t know what they have. They may very well have something on the president. But they are unfairly targeting Roger Stone.”

When asked by the MSNBC his opinion on the Muller Investigation, Nunberg’s self-incriminating stretch of barbed comments continued: “I think may have done something during the election but I don’t know that for sure.”

Then, drawing on a popular Cold War reference, he said “I think Trump is the Manchurian candidate” – an American brainwashed to operate on behalf of an adversarial government.

“ often sounds like a moron (…) this whole thing is a witch hunt.”

After spending most of his time publicly promising to defy the subpoena and throwing the challenge for Mueller to ‘arrest’ him, he spent the concluding minutes with his tail between his legs, admitting that “…in the end, find a way to comply.”

CNN Host Erin Burnett had a rather more common take, stating: “…we talked earlier about what people in the White House were saying about you ― talking about whether you were drinking or on drugs or whatever had happened today. Talking to you, I have smelt alcohol on your breath”.

Ah, alcohol, as the prophet Homer would say, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems. But we have to be careful before we dismiss such comments on the grounds of bad character and intoxication.

The whole situation could indeed be bottled by that old Latin turn of phrase: In vino veritas. In wine, there is truth.




Josie Jakovac

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