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ABC Reading Eggs: Recommended by parents the world over

In the matter of raising children, only the advice of parents matter. If you’re looking to kick-start your child’s learning, look no further than ABC Reading Eggs, the choice of parents the world over.



When you gather a group of parents together, it doesn’t take long before a flurry of recommendations are shared around. And while opinions may differ as to what is the best stroller or the greatest drink bottle on the market, when 91% of parents report that a product has achieved a significant improvement within weeks you have to take their recommendations seriously.

ABC Reading Eggs is an online educational program that has been scientifically developed to build and enhance reading skills in children aged 2 to 13 years. And with hundreds of glowing testimonials, it’s easy to understand why this program has won numerous prestigious educational awards.

In fact, more than 10 million children around the world have used the program, and subsequently benefitted from the head start and support in reading that ABC Reading Eggs provides.

Marie is a parent to one of those 10 million children. She says, “I LOVE ABC Reading Eggs, I’m a big advocate – and of the Mathseeds program too! My daughter started Reading Eggs at around 3.5 years of age and her reading ability now is fantastic for her age. The quizzes really inspired her to focus on the questions and complete stages, so she could get a certificate to put on her wall. In fact, when she was asked at kindy what her greatest achievement to-date was, she said it was her Mathseeds Gold Certificate!”

At 10 years of age, Bronwyn’s son exhibits a genuine love for reading; a passion that Bronwyn attributes to the Reading Eggs program. “I loved ABC Reading Eggs almost as much as my five-year-old did! He wanted to read every afternoon after school, so he ended up learning to read really quickly. Five years on and reading is still one of his favourite activities. I will definitely purchase Reading Eggs again next year for his brother when he starts school.”

Amelia found ABC Reading Eggs helped her daughter progress with sight words. She says, “When my eldest was aged six she struggled with sight words and it was impossible to get her to engage with me after school to help her. But Reading Eggs was a huge help.”

Of course, while it’s ideal for school-aged children, younger siblings often reap the benefits too, as the mother of two, Nicola explains. “We have it for my daughter’s schoolwork but it’s actually my four-year-old who is obsessed with it. It’s taught him a lot about rhyming words and spelling. And he loves the fact that you can earn points and “buy” things with them – that’s a big drawcard. He also loves the books and the quizzes at the end.”



ABC Reading Eggs has updated the learning process by offering a contemporary interface that appeals to a new screen-led generation. It successfully helps children become better readers because it’s designed to be highly engaging and to feel more like fun, than learning. And because all lessons are tailored to your child’s individual ability, it’s effective in helping prepare children in the lead up to school, as well providing assistance for children who may need a bit of additional support and encouragement with their reading.

At the end of Year One, my seven-year-old’s teacher said she was reading at a Year Two competency level, and I know this is a direct result of her participation in the Reading Eggs program. Personally, as a mother to a seven-year-old, there’s no greater reassurance for me than to see my child’s confidence grow as her reading skills develop; and it’s equally rewarding to see that she genuinely enjoys reading.

Of course, the best way to fully understand how beneficial ABC Reading Eggs can be is to try it for yourself. And right now, and until the end of February, all new customers can sign up for a special three-week free trial of the entire ABC Reading Eggs Learning Suite, which includes:

This limited-time offer ends 30th June 2018, so go to www.readingeggs.com.au/big today to sign up for your free, no-obligation three-week trial.

It’s never too early to start taking steps to encourage your child to read and to ensure they’re not left behind in the reading stakes. Fortunately, there’s no easier or more fun way than ABC Reading Eggs to introduce your child to the joy of reading.