The dining table is the focal point of the home. Only in its absence to do you realise the value it adds, and nothing adds more value than your own unique piece of Australia. Welcome to world of Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture.



The family dining table is the hub of any home.

You could be relaxing and reading the weekend paper over coffee on a Saturday morning, or playing Monopoly, expanding your imaginary real estate empire one tiny red hotel at a time. The fashion-conscious might use the surface to cut out swathes of fabric for sewing outfits for that special occasion. The kids could be assembling vast cities or spaceships out of Lego, or recreating the great masters in 500-piece jigsaw puzzles. If you want to lay your cards out on the table, there’s literally no better place to do it.

Where activities happen and space is required, your dining table will be the focal point. Nothing can replace the sturdy, solid space and flat surface of a great dining table to spread out whatever you’re doing. A strong and long-lasting timber dining table will almost become a member of the family, because over time, each member of your family will develop their own unique relationship with it.

And then of course there’s eating! From simple breakfasts to elaborate buffets, celebrations, birthdays and special occasions, your dining table can host everything from quick weeknight meals, to intimate candlelight dinners for two.

Visit the Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture showroom at 1031-1035 Bourke St, Waterloo (just outside of Sydney’s CBD) to find an Australian hardwood dining table to be the hub of your home. You’ll find a host of contemporary looks, from tables cut with simple, clean lines to specialist designs. If the look of natural timber doesn’t meet your specific needs and taste, Eclipse also has a range of different toners in grey, white, brown or black. Theirs is a range of tables designed to complement the clean, uncluttered look found in most new or recently renovated homes.

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Unlike a lot of tables in the market, an Eclipse table in a natural oiled finish is not a “precious table”, it’s meant to be used and enjoyed without having the constant fear of getting little marks and scratches on it. It’s not something that’s meant to be kept in pristine, perfect condition. The signs of normal wear and tear form part of the table’s personality, a patina develops, unique to the family who owns it, and over time this creates something of a personal family signature.

This patina is a distinctive characteristic only found in natural finishes applied to natural materials. Go into any other furniture supplier and you’re likely to pick up a table that will start to wear out from the second you take it home; the only way to avoid this is to not use it at all. A hardwood table from Eclipse – completed in an oiled finish – is designed to “wear in” from the day it is purchased. It’s meant to be used, and like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

We live in such a beautiful and unique country that happens to be blessed with so many beautiful and unique timbers, many of which can be seen in the Eclipse Waterloo showroom in Sydney. So it’s hard to imagine why would anyone want to go out and buy a generic dining table mass produced in an overseas country, assembled without any real passion and void of that special intangible quality that a table from Eclipse has in spades – “soul”.

An Eclipse dining table in your home will bring a piece of the Australian landscape into your life and provide the perfect finishing touch to a new or newly renovated living area.

Visit the Eclipse website to appreciate how one of their superbly crafted dining tables can enhance your home, or better still, do it by visiting their showroom at 1031-1035 Bourke St, Waterloo. There you can purchase a table ready-made, discuss a special adaptation or begin the process of commissioning a bespoke dining table exclusively designed for you.

Eclipse tables, handcrafted from the world’s most beautiful hardwoods, will bring a touch of warmth and class to your home, and let it become part of your family.


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