Meet a CEO: Tim Hyde – Win More Clients

Win More Clients is a marketing agency with a difference. To explain how they afford their clients more brand freedom, we sat down with their CEO, Tim Hyde.



Hi, Tim. You were the CEO and founder of The RiotACT. How did you go from there to creating Win More Clients?

RiotACT first started introducing digital advertising solutions to clients at a time when most business owners didn’t really understand how digital marketing worked. I often found myself consulting with clients on how to craft their message and on what to do with their website in order to convert the traffic that we were sending them, as well as advertising and marketing fundamentals that transcended beyond the digital marketing world. Digital consulting wasn’t a service that RiotACT were offering formally but I found when I helped clients in this way they’d get better results, and stay as clients for longer.

After leaving RiotACT in 2013 I was approached to take a series of Government contracts, firstly with Regional Development Australia, and then to do digital consulting and training aimed at upskilling small business owners in their use of digital technology available in the emerging digital landscape. It was really rewarding and interesting work to help such a massive range of business owners, from those starting out to companies with tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Win More Clients came as an epiphany one night at 3am as I lay awake pondering what I was going to do with all of the knowledge and experience I’d gained. I was asking myself the question “what is it that I really do for the people I love to work with?” Win More Clients was the answer.


You call Win More Clients a marketing agency with a difference. What is the difference you provide?

Marketing is more than just attracting prospects, and while the “flash stuff” – things like developing an exciting logo or brand, building a fancy website or getting into detailed conversion metrics from your Facebook ad campaign – are important, it is only one part of a bigger puzzle.

Marketing covers the entire life cycle of how a customer moves through your business, and plays an equally important role in how your business converts and keeps those customers coming back, time and time again. We’ve embedded that philosophy into the core of our Profit Engine System. At Win More Clients what sets us apart is that we transform a business’ ability to provide more time, money and freedom to its owner through implementing our Profit Engine System. The Profit Engine is a holistic approach to marketing that looks at the entire customer life cycle to first identify weaknesses where a business is leaving opportunities on the table, before plugging those gaps and accelerating profitability.


What kinds of other services do you offer?

We offer business consulting services, implementation of Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software, search engine marketing, Infusionsoft support, and – through our trusted partners – a range of other services including Website Development, Sales Copywriting & Blogging, PR, Social Media setup and management, Digital Training, App development, Networking and Partnership training and Search Engine Optimisation.


You have been in the world of digital marketing and advertising for 20 years. How do you think it has changed in that time? Where do you think it’s heading?

I still remember studying Information Technology at University in a world that didn’t have the word “Internet” in it. Sure, we had the foundations of what we know it as now: a series of interconnected computers linking up information between university campuses, but the massive advances we’ve seen in technology over the past 25 years have made it a thing that our children now can’t imagine living without. Two of the most significant changes I’ve seen in that time (hint: it’s not social media) are the number of communication channels that now exist which compete for peoples’ time and attention, and the ridiculous amounts of information being produced and shared. I think this is, and will continue to create two challenges for business owners. The first is that in order to command attention you will need to spend more time and resources in order to attract it. When I was growing up I had a choice of ABC or Channel 7 or Channel 9 on television. Now there are 130+ stations to choose from! The second is that the Internet has both enabled businesses to reach a global marketplace, but also allowed that global marketplace to reach your customer base. It has fundamentally changed the way we do business forever.

I expect the future to follow a similar trend to what we’ve seen in the last 12-18 months. The divide between “digital” and traditional marketing strategies will continue to blur, becoming one and the same. Marketing strategies will continue to be dominated by mentions of Facebook and Google and the trend to curated news and infotainment in all media channels will become increasingly prevalent. With all of the noise in the market, business owners will have to be wary of jumping onto the latest “new thing” in marketing and focus on the fundamentals that your customer has to know, like and trust you to want to buy. That means taking time to create a personal experience and build a relationship with your customers.


As someone who has now created and run two successful companies, what are some of the main challenges you have faced in getting started?

Not so much the second time around but certainly the first business was a steep learning curve. There are so many skills you need to be across as a business owner that it’s no surprise to me that so many new business owners burn out in the first five years and give it up. It’s also no surprise to me that the people who run bigger companies are just good at one thing (surrounding themselves with good people and getting out of their way). I think one of the biggest challenges, and perhaps mistakes that new business owners make is saying yes to every opportunity that comes along. You end up doing them badly and it distracts you from the work that you’re great at and which is often more profitable


What advice do you have to people trying to start their own business?

Having participated in a lot of business networking events (which seem to attract a lot of startup businesses) I think that too many business owners start out with not enough resources at their disposal and end up trying to do everything on the cheap (like turning up to networking events in the hope of a referral). I don’t know if this comes from the lean-startup methodology that has been very strong in Silicon Valley for the past 15 years but I think it’s a big trap for new players and presents a false economy.

Investing in the right advice, advertising campaign or mature technology is more likely to accelerate a new business to the tipping point of success than the slow burn of hoping that success will eventuate. Nothing changes if nothing changes is a clichéd saying for a reason!

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