Meet a CEO: Kristina and Michelle – Networkish

Networkish finally brings networking into the 21st century. We spoke with Kristina and Michelle to explain their app, and how it can work for you.



Hi, Kristina and Michelle! Can you tell us a little about the business you run?

We run a start-up business, Networkish, which is a mobile application for contact management and prospecting. We are on a mission to deliver the best process-orientated digital tool, which provides a solution that makes businesses thrive by optimising time and contact management. Our vision for the business is to take the networking process to the next level through adopting a twenty-first century business approach. We are passionate about helping people build stronger networks and more meaningful connections, which will result in bigger, better and more sustainable businesses.


How did you come up with Networkish? Do you have backgrounds in networking and IT? 

Kristina comes from a corporate background with experience in the areas of business management, financial planning and marketing. Michelle, on the other hand, comes from a creative background, working for 15 years in the fashion industry. From design, brand management, buying and label start-ups, she brings to the business an eye for detail and a visual edge. We’re both passionate about working smarter, not harder and helping build bigger, better and more sustainable businesses.

Having both worked in network marketing businesses,we identified that the industry processes had not adopted a twenty-first century approach. We wanted to create a digital solution for managing networks as they are the most important asset in your business. This was the inspiration for Networkish. We then brought in Charlie Caruana, our “go-to tech guy” who has extensive IT experience within the manufacturing and construction industry and who has a passion for systems technology development and IOS app development. He has been on board since the beginning, helping us to execute our vision.


Talk us through the key features of the app.

With the Networkish app you can import and consolidate all your contacts into one place and then categorise them: top 100, active, business, customers etc. It’s then easy to contact your prospects directly through the app. You can also research them using the research tool, make personalised notes about them and produce lists of your ideal clients and contacts using the export function. On top of that, you can book business meetings through the app, syncronise with your calendar and track progress of your active clients and their activity.


With all the different ways to be contacted and contactable these days, do you think networking has become harder or easier?

We definitely believe that networking has become easier, the benefit is that you can reach a greater audience instantaneously, however, there is a negative side and that is the loss of interpersonal connection.


How important is networking to the success of a new business?

Building business networks is a fundamental part of growing any business. It’s about building relationships and meaningful connections with people. The benefit of continually growing your network is that it you will grow both personally and professionally and ultimately catapult your chances of success. Building any business is hard work but the rewards are endless. You need to move and adapt with the times, but most of all you need to network, network, network!


With so many different kinds of social media being used for both work and pleasure, do you think it makes it harder to switch off or do you think it’s just about accepting this is the new normal?

There are so many forms of social media and online business platforms that make it very difficult to switch off and it has become a new normal to be connected 24/7. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this, however, we are in the digital age, and there is an ever-growing culture and unwritten expectation that to be successful you need to be digitally reactive. Gone are the days of “shutting down” your desktop computer at 5pm and having no access to Outlook until the following morning. The advice we can give is that people need to accept that as a start-up or business owner it’s OK to set some boundaries for yourself and find digital balance.


Where do you see Networkish heading in the future? What are the long-term goals?

Networkish will be the number one choice and most used digital tool for networking, contact management and prospecting. It will be adopted as a standalone for individuals and SME’s and branched out as a white label offering to corporations that can be customised. We want to share the limitless potential that a digital solution can offer any networking business – it is time for the change we have all been waiting for.


Anything else you want us to know? 

Networkish is not just an app – we are also looking forward to building a culture and community of likeminded business people that can be a part of a movement that brings back the interpersonal connection in this digital world we are living in.


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